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Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Christmas is long gone and so are the January sales but we are the gift that keeps on giving! This month on the site, your kids can have the chance to win an exclusive range of prizes in our competitions section and as if that weren’t enough, we have our usual great ideas and guidance to help you help your children choose their next read…

Some February features not to miss…

Guest Editor Tim Bowler

One of the Lovereading4kids team was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Tim Bowler, our Guest Editor this month recently at a dinner to launch his latest book Buried Thunder. They decided you couldn’t wish to meet a more warm, welcoming and funny guy – but how does someone so lovely end up writing some of the creepiest and most psychological page-turning thrillers and all from his shed in a field in Devon?

His books are guaranteed to get even the most reticent reader hooked. Why not try the exclusive extract on our site for his latest Buried Thunder on any child aged 12+ and you’ll see what we mean.

Pre Pubs – we’ve never had so many in a month that deserve a space ahead of publication.

This Isn’t What It Looks Like

Pseudonymous Bosch

9+ The author, Pseudonymous Bosch, advises against reading any of his books but rest assured kids are missing a treat if they don’t.

The Deeping Secrets

Victor Watson

9+ The sequel to Paradise Barn. It’s six months later, and the children find themselves in the midst of another intriguing set of events.

Dark Parallel (The Joshua Files book 4)

M. G. Harris

9+ Explosive and compelling time travel at its best. Will Josh and Ixchel find their way home again – or will they get stuck in the past?

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Annabel Pitcher

11+ Utterly mesmerizing and original. Narrated by a 10 year old boy whose family has quite frankly gone AWOL since one of his twin sisters was blown up by a terrorist bomb.

Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles book 2)

Rick Riordan

11+ From the author of the Percy Jackson novels comes a terrific series set in Ancient Egypt rather than in Ancient Greece.


C.J. Skuse

14+ Just how far will Jody’s obsession with rock star Jackson Gatlin take her? A rip roaring story about the perils of fame and the reality of all that glamour.


Michael Grant

14+ Fourth book in the mind-blowing Gone series. There are 100 copies of the first in the series – GONE – being given away to introduce new readers to this awesome series…

Theodore Boone

John Grisham

14+ Brimming with the intrigue and suspense that made John Grisham a number one international bestseller and the undisputed master of the legal thriller. His first for teens.

Have you seen the laughing Gruffalo?

The much loved Gruffalo is donning a big Red Nose and getting behind Comic Relief in 2011. A specially produced activity book is being produced priced at £2.99, of which at least £2 will go straight to the charity. There will be lots of Gruffalo based activities in the lead-up to the big day, so come to the site to find out how you and your children can get involved in Green Wart … sorry, we mean “Red Nose” day with the Gruffalo! Why not get your school to host a Gruffalo food party for example? Click here to find out more.

Parental Aids – Essential Reading

No time to ponder your selection but need to order a book right away, then don’t worry, help is at hand in our Bookshelf-Essentials section… In it you’ll find some ‘must reads’ – as with all our titles they’re hand-picked – all conveniently separated into age-range – so that your child’s next adventure is only a few clicks away. Find out more today.

The (Hollywood) Hills are Alive, with the sound of READING

Kids love movies. Well, we all do. But, why not get your kids to be the directors of their own movies by reading the books first? Reading encourages them to use their imagination and create the world and characters for themselves. Later this month there is a terrific teen novel scheduled for release on the silver screen. Why not give your teenager a chance to say, “the book’s better!” by getting the book for him or her.

I am Number Four due to be released 23 February

John Smith looks like a normal teenager. However, he has a secret. A secret that means he can’t stay in one place for long. John used to be one of nine. Three have been killed. John is number four. After finally finding a place where he fits in and a girl he likes (who has secrets of her own), he must stand and face his demons. Literally. The film looks awesome, we have a trailer on our website so just imagine how great the book is!

Finally, have you taken a peek at ‘Your top 10 of 2010‘? Broken down by age range it’s well worth checking out to see what your kids may have missed last year.

There are some real crackers but you better be quick as the list won’t be up forever.

Most popular Children’s books, by age range, 1 – 8 Feb 2011

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Books for Babies and Toddlers

Cat on the Mat and Friends Cat on the Mat and Friends
Brian Wildsmith
A bumper picture book made up of four best-selling classic stories by this award winning illustrator. The simplicity of Brian Wildsmith’s illustrations and the jokes that both the pictures and the stories tell make this a delight for young readers…. …
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The Perfect Hug The Perfect Hug
Joanna Walsh
A gem of a book! How the panda finds the perfect hug is told in sparkling rhyming couplets which describe hugs of all sorts including ‘hugs for wrigglers and hugs for gigglers,/ Hugs that are tickly and hugs that are …
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I Like Toys (Petit Collage) I Like Toys (Petit Collage)
Lorena Siminovich
Irresistible ‘touch and feel’ books, these two chunky board books – I Like Peas and I like Toys – offer a wonderfully tactile experience to the very youngest readers while also imparting useful information. I Like Toys brings the …
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Featured Books for 3+ readers

Wolf Won't Bite! Wolf Won’t Bite!
Emily Gravett
Award winning Emily Gravett gives the wolf a chance in this visually bold and entertaining inversion of the story of three little pigs. Three brave little pigs tease the big scary wolf making him the butt of every circus trick. …
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Lonely Beast Lonely Beast
Chris Judge
How the Beast overcomes his loneliness is a touching story about friendship of all kinds. Despite his name, the Beast, and all other Beasts, are gentle creatures who love gardening and cake baking. The Beast travels across the world to …
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Zou and the Box of Kisses Zou and the Box of Kisses
Michel Gay
A truly special picture book.  It’s the story of Zou the Zebra as he spends his first night away from his parents. Both endearing and reassuring for both and child this is a wonderful book to read aloud.  Zou disovers …
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Featured Books for 5+ readers

Little Old Ladies Little Old Ladies
Franziska Kalch
Just what do a group of old ladies do when they get together?  Well they have a whole load of fun, tell tales and share ideas.  Here the author and illustrator brings these exhuberant old ladies to life in this …
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My Brother Bernadette My Brother Bernadette
Jacqueline Wilson
Fabulous reissue of an absolute gem of a book by on of the bestselling authors of all time but this is one of the very few titles by Jacqueline Wilson suitable for newly fluent readers. Still with colour illustrations on …
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How the World Works How the World Works
Christiane Dorion
Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award 2011: Best Book with Facts*.
A fully interactive guide to different aspects of the workings of the world. The story of the water cycle pops up in the most exciting and unusual way. The …
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Featured Books for 7+ readers

Muncle Trogg Muncle Trogg
Janet Foxley
Winner of The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2010, Muncle Trogg is the charming upside down fairytale about a tiny giant who saves the day. It’s a debut novel and the first in a series of adventures featuring Muncle, the …
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Spider Stampede (S.W.I.T.C.H. 1) Spider Stampede (S.W.I.T.C.H. 1)
Ali Sparkes
Boy or insect? Twins Josh and Danny survive a series of thrilling adventures after they have been transformed into bug life by the crazy scientist Petty Potts who injects them with a most unusual serum. How insect-loving Josh and insect-hating …
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Letters from an Alien Schoolboy Letters from an Alien Schoolboy
Ros Asquith
This is the first in a terrific new series for 7+ year olds – both boys and girls.  Packed with some hilarious illustrations and the story itself is a real page-turner.  It features an alien who comes to spy on …
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Featured Books for 9+ readers

Little Darlings Little Darlings
Jacqueline Wilson
Jacqueline Wilson takes a look into the lives of celebrities in this touching story of two girls, two families and one father. Destiny and Sunset’s lives seem miles apart; one lives in a council flat, the other in a posh …
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The Pasta Detectives The Pasta Detectives
Andreas Steinhofel
Shortlisted for the 2011 Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation.
This is a funny and original mystery starring two unlikely boy detectives, the mildly autistic Rico and the brainy but anxiety-ridden Oscar.  The story of The Pasta Detectives explores the …
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Will Farts Destroy the Planet? Will Farts Destroy the Planet?
Glenn Murphy
Packed full of fascinating and vital information this is in part a story and in part a rich source of facts which, taken together, make it a brilliant introduction to how our world will be affected by climate change. How …
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Featured Books for 11+ readers

Twilight Robbery Twilight Robbery
Frances Hardinge
Award winning Frances Hardinge’s first novel Fly By Night starred Mosca Mye and Eponymous Clent. Now they are back for a thrilling new adventure in the city of Toll, a magical place which no one can enter or leave without …
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Buried Thunder Buried Thunder
Tim Bowler
A tense and haunting thriller in which the power of the forest looks set to destroy all around it. Drawn to the forest around the house, Maya witnesses strange and unnatural events. Even when in the safety of her new …
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Street Heroes: Runaways Street Heroes: Runaways
Joe Layburn
Street Heroes: Runaways is a fast-paced thriller that deals with
important issues while keeping readers gripped from start to finish. By
the aclaimed author of Ghostscape and Street Heroes it is in a nutshell ‘Heroes’ for children.  The Street Heroes …
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Featured Books for 14+ readers

I am Number Four film tie-in edition I am Number Four film tie-in edition
Pittacus Lore
Read the book before seeing the film. John Smith is not your average teenager. He regularly moves from small
town to small town. He changes his name and identity. He does not put
down roots. He cannot tell anyone who …
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Dancing Jax Dancing Jax
Robin Jarvis
There’s a dark power lurking in the empty house set down a long, lonely track. When a group of teenagers break in, they find a box of children’s books. Not any old books. There is something special about one book. …
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Withering Tights Withering Tights
Louise Rennison
Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2010 (Funniest Book for Children aged Seven to Fourteen). Laugh out loud at this launch title of a brilliant new series by Queen of Teen author Louise Rennison. Tallulah Casey, cousin of the …
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