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Older Not Wiser by Sophy Henn

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Older not Wiser and Sophy Henn

Sophy Henn, author of Almost Anything, Playtime with Ted, Bedtime with Ted, Edie and Pom Pom Gets the Grumps is back with a brand-new book! Older Not Wiser is out on the 31st May and tells the story of Jeanie’s up-to-no-good Grandma.

At what age are you old enough to know better? 10? 15? 20? Older? Jeanie’s Grandma is always getting into mischief and, although it can be embarrassing for Jeanie sometimes, it is really fun when she gets involved in her Grandma’s tricks.

This gorgeously illustrated Bad Nana book is the first in a brand-new series, with 8-year-old Jeannie sharing her Grandma’s latest exploits. This mischievous little book is aimed at readers aged 6 and above. Perfect for making little mischief-makers gasp in shock and laugh your socks off!

Andrea Reece’s View

This fabulously fun book has been reviewed by Andrea Reece who thinks this is a great book for ‘fans of Lauren Child and her Clarice Bean stories’. Here is a little more from Andrea Reece:

‘Children are fascinated by the way old people have a license to misbehave, and they will be delighted by Bad Nana’s exploits which break all the rules of good behaviour … This lovely, hugely appealing book is one to recommend to fans of Lauren Child and her Clarice Bean stories in particular.’

If you want to read the Andrea’s full review, head over to the Older Not Wiser book page on the LoveReading4Kids site.

This bright and colourful book, illustrated by Sophy Henn is a brilliant start to a new series that will be perfect for children starting to read on their own, and will bring laughter and fun to story times or assisted reading.

Older Not Wiser will be published by HarperCollins on the 31st May, meaning it’s not long until we can enjoy the exploits of Bad Nana!

How to Write a Love Story by Katy Cannon

Monday, May 14th, 2018

Katy Cannon is the author of Love, Lies and Lemon Pies as well as Secrets, Schemes and Sewing Machines, both of which are perfect for teenage readers. Her latest YA novel, How to Write a Love Story is based on one family who are “obsessed” with love. The main character, Tilly Frost has grown up reading the bestselling romance novels written by her grandmother. Tilly knows them so well that when Beatrix Frost is taken ill, she is able to finish her latest one for her.

The 16-year old Tilly must navigate the difficult ground of school crushes and relationships while also working out how to write a convincing and enjoyable romance novel when she’d never been in love. This touching book shows that love never quite happens in the flawless ways depicted on paper.

What Our Editorial Expert Thought

Our Editorial Expert Joanne Owen read and reviewed this book for us. Here is a glimpse at what she had to say:

‘In a Nutshell: A feel-good feast of romance, writing and one glorious gran … “When your whole family is obsessed with Love and Romance it sets some pretty high expectations, believe me”, explains 16-year-old Tilly, the witty narrator of this bright and breezy book … Delightful on the everyday dramas of family life, first love and fiction’s edifying allures, this is perfect for aspiring writers and fans of funny contemporary YA.’

The see the full review from Joanne, go to the How to Write a Love Story book page.

A Bit More About the Book

How to Write a Love Story was published on the 3rd May and is our Weekly Staff Picks this week on LoveReading4Kids (10th-17th May). The story of Tilly’s introduction to writing, her grandmother’s illness and her trials and tribulations as she decides to fall in love for real are all heart-warming and touching. This marvellous new YA novel by the incredibly talented Kay Cannon has is bound to have you falling in love with it. Privacy Policy Disclaimer