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Monday, June 19th, 2017

As the summer holidays loom, smiling on a sunny horizon, we are here to provide happy hours of brilliant reading to fill children’s heads with priceless memories, in the open air or inside on rainy days. Check out our lovingly hand-picked Summer Reading section, divided into age ranges so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for! Happy Days.


On the Award Board! – Carnegie and Greenaway Awards Winner 2017

What do Rosemary Sutcliff, CS Lewis, Quentin Blake and Raymond Briggs have in common? They’ve all won a Carnegie & Greenaway gong, that’s what! And don’t miss a new version of Rosemary Sutcliff’s ‘Carnegie of Carnegies’ Black Ships Before Troy.

And just announced are the 2017 winners. The Greenaway award for illustration went to the delightful There is a Tribe of Kids by Lane Smith.The Carnegie for best novel went to Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. The inspirational novel is based on a true story from the Second World War. Why not find out more and check out the high quality shortlists as well.

More Pre-Publication Exclusives!

What’s better than reading extracts of a new book as soon as it’s out? Reading them before it’s out. That’s what!


Top Tips for June Bugs

This month’s must-reads according to the one and only Julia Eccleshare, our Editor-at-Large for everyone from toddlers to teens! See what’s caught her eye this month.

Did You Miss This? – Mid-Month Highlights

Every month we try to guide you to some of the best books about that you may have missed. This month we love:

After the Fire (YA) by Will Hill – Inspired by the Waco siege in Texas 1993 when 82 members of the Branch Davidian sect and four US government agents died in a firefight after a long siege. Reader Reviewer Talia, 15, said ‘A powerful novel about corruption, secrets … questioning everything you’ve ever known. Beautiful and unique, it will stay with you …


Dogger’s Day! – Dogger by Shirley Hughes is 40

Winner of the Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, Shirley Hughes, 90 years young this month, is a national treasure with over 200 children’s books under her belt. Her humourous and beloved classic Dogger, first published 40 years ago, is still tugging at heart strings today. There’s a beautifully redesigned paperback edition of Dogger complete with a CD audio read by lifelong fan and TV actress Olivia Colman. Joining it in early July is a stunning hardback edition, which includes a personal letter and Introduction from Shirley Hughes herself, who reflects on the origins of the real life Dogger and how much joy this story has brought to her and her readers over the past 40 years. It’s a classic for adults and children alike. Find out more.

Out of the Mouths – Reader Recommended Highlights by Kids

What better endorsement for a book than from other kids? These are the titles our kids Reader Reviewer panel members loved the most. Enjoy!


What’s Next?  – If they like, they’ll Love

You know how this works by now. They’ve finished the latest book or series by their favourite author. We fill the gap with recommendations right up their street. DAB!

If they like Katherine Rundell, Lauren St John or Polly Ho-Yen they’ll love Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth. If they like Lisa Williamson, Jenny Downham or Sarah Crossan they’ll love Troublemakers by Catherine Barter.
9 14
If they like Rainbow Rowell or John Green they’ll love Truth or Dare by Non Pratt. If they like Holly Bourne they’ll love Who Runs the World by Virginia Bergin. If they like Robin Stevens or Katherine Woodfine they’ll love The Last Duchess by Laura Powell.
14 14 12

Sorting Hat Trick! – Harry Potter ‘House’ Editions

20 Years since The Philosopher’s Stone was first published, four highly collectable hardback editions of this groundbreaking story have been lovingly prepared. Each limited edition hardback features the individual house crest of Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor on the jacket and line illustrations exclusive to that house.  Click here. If you are too late buying the hardbacks there are also paperback editions which look almost as lovely. Or, enter our free prize draw to win the set worth £59.99! It’s a must for Potter fans!


Alex can Never Die! – New Alex Rider Adventure, Never Say Die

17 years on from his first rip-roaring adventure, Stormbreaker, Alex Rider is still going strong! We are mega excited that this world-dominating series has a brand new action-packed, stylish adventure to get stuck into!

New fans can find the whole lot here. But catch up quick! In Never Say Die, the latest title, Alex is back at his daring best! As Reader Reviewer Sam Harper (12yrs) put it; ‘Alex is tested to the limit in his most thrilling adventure yet … Alex is most definitely back and I promise you will not be disappointed.

We Give Two Hoots! – Perfect Picture Books

Publisher Two Hoots is home to some of the most gifted authors and illustrators around today and produces beautiful, characterful books to be read and loved again and again. Check them out below.

Fancy a Spell in the World of Forgotten Magic?

Archie Green always wanted a life of adventure. Just after his 12th birthday, it arrived! Enter the mysterious and immersive world that is DD Everest’s Archie Green Series! Perfect for 9+ readers.

Thrown into an underground world beneath Oxford streets by a mysterious package, Archie’s life will never be the same again. In his latest adventure, Archie Green and the Raven’s Spell, he must navigate a treacherous world, where no-one can be trusted, to protect his friends and find his destiny. Find out more.

Joan Lennon Wants to Write Forever

And we hope she does! Her quirky style has led to some great reads for all ages. Fans of fantasy and adventure with a human heart will love Silver Skin (11+), a heady mix of sci-fi, historical thriller and romance, which will stay long in the mind of the reader.

Also, don’t miss Walking Mountain (11+), a fantastic adventure filled with unexpected turns, unusual characters and important lessons about courage, trust and the power of friendship. Find out more.

Get your kids to Look Beyond their world

Stories are a great way for children to better understand other cultures, diversity and varied life experiences.

So, it’s great when a publisher, Macmillan Children’s Books, curates a special list of titles that give readers a look into the lives of unfamiliar and new voices: from the war-torn streets of Syria and unconventional family structures to experience of life as a teenager with autism. Click on a cover to find out more.


Time to start planning the Summer Reading

Have a look at the shelves below for some of our favourites or visit the special category on the site to see them all.


And that just about wraps up June from us! See you next month for more great reads to soak up the sun with!

June 2017 eNewsletter

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

With a recent survey from the National Literacy Trust showing Children’s love of reading is at an all-time high; what better month to serve up some awesome recommendations for young book fans? (Alex Rider!) Now, what else did we have to tell you?? Oh yes. That’s it. There’s a new Alex Rider, Never Say Die, story out. No biggie (not). Read on for more …

Booking Up for June! – Books of the Month

We’ve scoured the shelves for the best of the best books for your young bookworms this month. We particularly love:

Who Runs the World (YA) by Virginia Bergin – A futuristic and thought-provoking landscape where the world is filled with care and men are extinct. Or are they? Wave Me Goodbye (7+) by Jacqueline Wilson – dramatic, emotional, characterful page-turning tale of displacement and survival. Vintage Wilson! Letters from the Lighthouse (9+) by Emma Carroll – A brilliantly handled story of wartime displacement, childhood and overcoming prejudice. Highly recommended.
ya 7 9


Harry Potter ‘House’ Editions of the Philosopher’s Stone


Going, Going Gong! – Book Award News!

It’s red carpet time for some prestigious books awards this month. The YA Book Prize rewards top-notch writing for teens and young adults, inspiring young people to read and buy books. From a shortlist of extraordinary quality, the winner was Orangeboy by Patrice Lawrence. The Klaus Flugge Prize for illustration, dedicated to putting new talent in the spotlight is chaired by our very own Julia Eccleshare. Check out the shortlist and choose your own favourite.

June Bugs! – Debuts of the Month

A flurry of fantabulous first-timers for kids to find their favourite! Don’t miss:

Phantom Limbs (YA) by Paula Garner – A Poignant and profound contemporary romance about love and friendship for fans of Jandy Nelson. Makes for compulsive reading.

The City of Secret Rivers (9+) by Jacob Sager Weinstein – A breath-taking magical adventure on the banks of London’s underground rivers crackling with originality and energy.

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index (YA) by Julie Israel – A tear-jerking, soul-stirring, heart-warming story about losing a sister, and the ensuing aftermath of grief and mystery.


Laugh Out Loud Adventure – Dingles All Over!

Meet Danny Dingle, would-be inventor and comic book obsessive. With his best friend Percy McDuff, he embarks on raucous and hilarious adventures! Angie Lake’s brilliant series is perfect for readers aged 9+. The Metal-Mobile and The Supersonic Submarine are fabulous, fart-powered, non-stop fun! 3rd title The Jet of Justice, a madcap and irrepressible romp is out in August. But, guess what? If you’ve read the first two before then, you can get a sneaky extract by clicking here!

Farewell to Discworld – Tiffany Aching Novels by Terry Pratchett

Meet Tiffany Aching! One of Terry Pratchett’s most memorable and formidable characters in the Discworld Series. Follow a truly unique witch through the complex and hilarious landscape, as she grows up in real time with every book. The nine-year-old in The Wee Free Men is in her late teens by The Shepherd’s Crown, which was completed in 2015 and was Terry Pratchett’s final work.

The collection is a perfect introduction for tweens and teens to the Discworld series. Find out more.

Pop Idol – Father’s Day 2017

With Father’s Day just around the corner check out our ideas for the perfect gift to say “Daddy Cool” this year.

Uncommonly Good! – The Uncommoners Series by Jennifer Bell (9+)

After working in Foyle’s bookshop and talking to children a lot, Jennifer Bell turned her extraordinary imagination to her own writing with wonderful results!

Her Uncommoners series is an avalanche of magic, mystery and adventure to fill the largest Hogwarts shaped holes – and then some! Following our June 2016 Debut of the Month, The Crooked Sixpence comes The Smoking Hourglass, a spellbinding fight against dark forces in an underground world. Click here to get started!


Series of the Month! – Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp (9+)

Ivy Pocket is an irresistible heroine on a strange supernatural adventure. She made such an impression on us that Anyone but Ivy Pocket was one of our Books of the Year 2015.

This month the plucky, optimistic, incorrigible, delusional and utterly bonkers Ivy is back in Bring me the Head of Ivy Pocket. It’s a heady foray into deep danger and the magnificently infuriating, chess-master-intelligent Ivy will need to summon all her courage. Click here for more.

Don’t Desert Gobi! – Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

Named after the desert she was found in by ultra-marathon competitor and author Dion Leonard, Gobi is an extraordinary dog whose story has already touched many.

Finding Gobi is a story of hope and courage; of life-changing lessons learned and the unbreakable connection between man and dog. A connection that was lost and miraculously found again. Neither Dion or Gobi will ever be the same again and, perhaps, neither will you. Click here for more.

Teen Series of the Month – Cherub

Don’t be fooled by the title; there’s nothing angelic about the crack young spy team ‘CHERUB’. CHERUB is not James Bond. These kids live in the real world. They slip under the radar of adults to catch terrorists. Officially, these kids do not exist.

The series that kicked off with The Recruit crackles with tension and high-octane drama so if you haven’t spied this series yet, become a ‘recruit’ today. CHERUB needs you!. New Guard is the latest jaw-dropping title to the series.

It’s Party Time! – Picture Book Party Refresh

Our love of picture books knows no bounds and this month there are even more illustrious illustrated journeys to share.


Scroll down for our hand-picked selections of June books in the age ranges you have said you would like to be kept up to date with. To change them just Log in to your account.

Mid-May eNewsletter

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Welcome to our mid-May update full of the latest, best and most exciting Children’s books. And whatever you do don’t miss the shortlist for the most prestigious children’s debut fiction award, the Branford Boase.


Mid-May Highlights

These are the hand-picked heroes of the month that you may have missed. We love: The Treasure of Pirate Frank (3+) illustrated by Jez Tuya – An imaginative tale of friendship, courage, sharing and treasure! And The Imagination Box Series (9+) by Martyn Ford – Mind-expanding, action-packed comedy adventures.


A Little Bit of What YOU Like! – Reader Recommended Highlights

Who better to recommend books than the kids and teenagers who read them? These are the top tips from the horses’ mouth! Books like:

The Bombs That Brought Us Together (11+) by Brian Conaghan – Thought-provoking and entertaining dystopian drama. ‘I was so glued to this book’ (Jack, aged 11) The Crystal Run (11+) by Shelia O’ Flanagan – High-octane, heart-rending high-stakes fantasy quest with compelling action in a vividly evoked world. The Island at the End of Everything (9+) by Kiran Millwood-Hargrave – A beautifully told story of courage and hope full of memorable scenes and characters.
12 12 9
Where the World Ends (9+) by Geraldine McCaughrean – An unmissable totally original, mesmerising story of love and faith; of myth and imagination. Lottie Solves a Mystery (5+) by Lucie Braveheart – A brilliant and different outdoorsy adventure story featuring real life rather than fantastical adventures.
9 5

Gods and Monsters! Rick Riordan’s Trials of Apollo

Redefining the epic ancient god sagas for 9+ readers, Rick Riordan stands alone in the genre. The creator of Percy Jackson, the unwitting teenage demi-god with greatness thrust upon him, has turned his unique talent to imagining a full God among us.

A teenage Apollo, in disgrace for angering father Zeus, is cast down to modern day New York as a lowly teenager to face gargantuan and often hilarious tasks: with a little help from his friends! The series began with The Hidden Oracle and continues with The Dark Prophecy. Find out more

Get Infected! – Contagion by Teri Terry

Author of the international sensation, Slated, Teri Terry is deservedly regarded as the queen of the teenage psychological thriller. Her vivid imagination and the well-oiled wheels in the dark corners of her mind have been working overtime recently to produce her new extraordinary trilogy Dark Matter.

The first book, Contagion is a tale of survival against all odds in a desperately dangerous world of fear, alienation and suspicion. Find out more.

Award-winning Aubrey is back!

Horatio Clare’s first children’s book Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot  won the Branford Boase Award and Michael Morpurgo said of it ‘Well, this was a joy! Here is writing and storytelling at its best’.

The sequel Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds tells an entertaining tale of how Aubrey uses his gift of talking to animals to try and save the world! Funny and gripping! I loved this book! Lewis (10)… This book is awesome and gave me a different view about insects Erica (11). Find out more.


Why Wait? – More May Pre-Publication Exclusives

Dip your toe in the wondrous waters of ‘wow’-inducing works before they hit the shelves! Books like:

Troublemakers (13+) by Catherine Barter – A searingly heart-breaking coming-of-age tale set against an all too plausible backdrop of terrorism and political darkness. After the Fire (YA) by Will Hill – Inspired by the Waco siege in Texas 1993 and one of the most gripping and suspenseful books they’ll read all year. Never Say Die (11+) by Anthony Horowitz  – Alex Rider is back for more adrenaline-filled, action-packed, stylish and addictive adventures.
14 ya 12

Pictures Win Prizes! The Klaus Flugge Prize for Illustration

Klaus Flugge is one of the greats of children’s publishing. Born in 1934, in 1976, he set up his own publishing company, Andersen Press, named in tribute to none other than Hans Christian Andersen. He continues to champion bold, original and creative talent with a prize to honour the best of them. The Klaus Flugge Prize rewards the most promising and exciting newcomer to children’s book illustration and the shortlist has just been announced! Find out more and don’t miss the chance to win all the shortlisted titles.

Patchwork Works! – Elmer the Elephant

27 May is Elmer Day! First published a whopping 28 years ago, David McKee’s multi-coloured and much-loved, Elmer the Elephant is still a firm favourite among 2-5-year-olds!

There are so many wonderful, colourful and educational stories to choose from. Plus, all the stories come in a variety of formats; from buggy books and button pressing books, to touch and feel versions. There’s a lot of elephants to go around! Get more.

What Next? If they Like They’ll Love

Our If They Like They’ll Love category points the way to other authors just like the ones your kids love, so they won’t wearily wonder where to turn when their favourite book ends.

If they like Frank Cottrell Boyce they’ll love The Incredible Billy Wild (9+) by Joanna Nadin. If they like Jon Klassen they’ll love The Cave (3+) by Rob Hodgson. If they like Sarah Crossan they’ll love Countless (13+) by Karen Gregory.
9 0 14
If they like Louise Rennison they’ll love Chloe Snow’s Diary (13+) by Emma Chastain. If they like Squishy Mcfluff they’ll love Cowboy Pug by Laura James.
14 5

Good Enough for Julia!

Lovereading4kids Editor-at-Large Julia Eccleshare is well placed to identify the best books for budding readers out there right now. Click here to see what’s caught her eye this month.

Living like Clockwork – The Cogheart Adventure Series (9+)

A tick-tocking and often airborne adventure that sees a girl searching for her missing father. Accompanied by a clockwork fox (designed by her dad before he went missing).

The Cogheart Series by Peter Bunzl have been described by our reader reviewers as ‘ … a thrilling, magical journey of adventure … (that) will leave you spinning’ (Isabella, aged 11) and ‘A steampunk fantasy … that had me gripped with its brilliantly woven characters and cast of mechanical wonders’ (Rohan aged 10).

Latest title Moonlocket is out now and you can find it here.


No Binoculars Needed!

 The Big Bird Spot (5+) by Matt Sewell

Wildlife artist Matt Sewell’s very first children’s book is a super fun foray into the world of birds. From deserts to woodland and oceans to mountains you’ll love trying to spot the hidden birds (it’s harder than you think) and learning loads about them.

Colourful, vividly detailed and with so much to see, it’s a book to treasure time and time again.

Every Dad has his Day – This Year it’s 17 June! Father’s Day

A day for all dads to get the love they deserve, Father’s Day is just a month away. What better way to show you care than a good book and the peace and quiet to read it in? Or just the book. Up to you. We have a superlative selection of super ideas for Dads and you can find them here!

Well Versed! – Our Poetry Section, Refreshed

Our poetry section is filled to the brim with words to inspire kids of all ages, covering all kinds of subjects from the fun to the philosophical. This month we’ve added to the party with fabulous new titles like: All Aboard the London Bus (5+) by Patty Toht  a jump on, jump-off ride through London and: All the Wild Wonders, Poems of our Earth (7+) by Wendy Cooling, a clever exploration of the wonders and the woes of the world.  There’s something for everyone. Click here to get started.

The Spellslinger Series (YA) is Pure Magic!

Fans of The Guardians of the Galaxy or The Dark Tower will NOT want to miss this! The head-spinning first book of a spell-binding new series! Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell is a YA fantasy novel that keeps you guessing on every page, filled with wit and adventure and strong characters that you’ll love to follow. Oh, and just a bit of magic too! Rich and compelling and bursting with tricks, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Find out more.

Let your child become a Superhero

The Superhero Handbook (7+) written by James Doyle and illustrated by Jason Ford is an unusual information activity book that cleverly mixes science learning with the allure of superhero-dom. The book contains all you need to set yourself up as a superhero, from finding your secret identity to employing a sidekick, plus 20 innovative activities to help you do everything from making yourself invisible to learning to defy gravity. And each activity comes with a ‘Superhero Secret’ showing you the top secret science behind each one. It’ll make for a truly super summer!’

Well, that’s May at Lovereading4 Kids! See you next month for some summery selections for your tribe.

P.S. Don’t miss the chance to win a family pass to The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival, worth £40!, that is running 26 June – 2 July in Wiltshire. It’s full of exciting and absorbing activities for schools and families.

P.P.S Join in the adventures of The Famous Five, relaunched for their 75th birthday and have the chance to win a complete set of 21 books!!

Mid-April eNewsletter

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

With Easter Eggs and chocolate excesses behind us for another year, why not browse our mid-month email for treats of the reading variety and indulge your kids with none of the guilt!

More exciting books to start reading… before they are published

This month we have a lovely selection of books you can start reading before they hit the bookshop shelves.

One of our favourites is the hilarious and beautifully presented King Coo by Adam Stower. A glorious romp of a story with a strong message about trusting yourself and standing up to bullies. Our editorial expert loved it but children on our reader review panel were completely bowled over… ‘An amazing and fun book! I can’t wait to read more!’ Eleanor 10… – ‘It is hilarious…I highly recommend this book.’ Erica, 11


What’s in a Library? Books! Books! Books! g (7+)

Explore inside the British Library the greatest library on Earth with this extraordinary, informative and inspiring book by Mick Manning, illustrated by Brita Granstrom. You’ll be amazed what you find.

Books! Books! Books! will show you a huge atlas that takes six people to lift it; a tiny prayer book carried by a queen to her execution; the original handwritten manuscript of Alice in Wonderland; books so rare and valuable they are kept in a bomb-proof store-room. Find out more.

Nursery Crimes! –  ‘Sky Private Eye’ series (5+) by Jane Clarke

We love this clever series for very young readers where baking, detection and fairy tales are all whisked together in this appealing story to make a tasty picture book. Follow the mystery-solving Sky as she is joined by some favourite fairytale and nursery rhyme characters to get to the bottom of some of the nursery world’s most dastardly crimes.

Will Grandma be found, or the missing biscuit for that matter? Find out, here!

Bring Picture Books to Life with the Hopster App

Reading for fun is a brilliant way to entertain and inspire your toddler – and we’ve found the perfect new app to help! Full of well-known books – along with TV episodes, nursery rhymes and games – Hopster provides a great interactive learning environment that pre-schoolers will love to use.

In the newly-launched Book Boat section of the Hopster app, kids can now find all their favourite HarperCollins stories, including Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Rachel Bright’s Love Monster and Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers.

Find out more about Hopster, and get a free picture book here.

WW1 through the eyes of the Heligan gardeners

A Song for Will and The Lost Gardeners of Heligan (7+) is a deeply moving story that perfectly conveys the devastating impact of the First World War both on those who took part and those they left behind.

Though the story is fiction, many of those who feature were real people, gardeners at what became known after their deaths as the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Beautifully told and illustrated, this is a book for children and adults to treasure.

Dormitory Detectives! – Murder Most Unladylike books. (9+)

Set in the 1930s in the dusty halls of an English girls’ boarding school, this exciting, fabulous and gripping series is awash with mystery, derring-do and friendship, elating highs and sorrowful lows. You’ll love the wonderful duo who must stay one step ahead of the clues in the labyrinthine halls of Deepdene.  The latest title, Cream Buns and Crime is an invitation to delve into the casebook of our plucky heroines and wrangle with a collection of short stories of as yet unsolved mysteries so it’s the perfect starting off point to someone new to the series.  Find out more.

April Mid-Month Highlights

A chance to see, all in one place, some of our highlights of the month that you may have missed.

Gaslight (9+) by Eloise Williams – Explore the rich darkness of Victorian Cardiff, the underworld of the theatre, the grief of a mother’s death and the desperate quest for answers. Beetle Queen (9+) by M.G. Leonard – Sequel to lively and original Beetle Boy loved by our Reader Reviewers. ‘A hilarious, thrilling adventure.‘ Liam 11. ‘What a fantastic story.’ Tomasz 10.
12 9

A Magical Must! – Dragon’s Green: Worldquake Book One (11+)

Heralded as ‘the most exciting debut in children’s fiction since Harry Potter’ the first title in Scarlett Thomas’s new Worldquake adventure series, Dragon’s Green, is a book to get lost in, literally.

Brimming with shady foes and terrifying teachers, firm friends and other worlds, it’s an edge-of-your-seat saga that kids aged 11 and up will love to read. Prepare to be enchanted, bedazzled, mystified and more. Click here to get started.

Highlights from our Kids Reader Review Panel

It’s all well and good if one of our children’s book experts raves about a book. But when our kids reader reviewers do as well perhaps it’s time to find out more? This month two stand-out titles are:

The Giant Jumperee (3+) written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Asrah (5) said it was his new favourite book and Abigail’s mum said – ‘My girls all loved it (aged 6, 4 and 2) and it had great repeatability in our house! The Mummy’s Revenge (9+) by Andrew Beasley. Sam Harper (11) said ‘This unputdownable mystery is stuffed full of witty jokes and fast-paced action.‘ And Bella (10) – ‘The Mummy’s Revenge is funny, scary and creepy all at the same time.
0 9

Like that? LOVE this! – If they liked, they’ll Love

This is where we get to suggest authors we think you’ll love based on the ones you already like. Nothing makes us happier!

If they liked Murder Most Unladylike they’ll love Artie Conan Doyle and the Gravediggers’ Club by Robert J. Harris. If they liked picture books by Jon Klassen they’ll love I’m Going to Eat this Ant by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros. If they liked Holly Smale or Louise Rennison they’ll love Stargazing for Beginners by Jenny McLachlan. If they liked books by Nicola Yoon they’ll love Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer.

#TotesAmaze! – Girls Can Vlog Series by Emma Moss (9+)

Emma Moss loves books, cats and Youtube. “In that order”. She’s also the author of the fantastic tales for teens of today; Girls Can Vlog. The trials, tribulations and triumphs of teen life with hints for fledgling vloggers amid the action!

The latest title, Hashtag Hermione: Wipeout is a handful of holiday hilarity. There are two others in the series, including Lucy Locket: Online Disaster, which Reader Reviewers called; “super fun” and “exciting, fun and unexpected [a] book that encourages people to express themselves by doing something they love.” Find out more.

Blade of Class! – Beast Quest is 10 years old

Growing up surrounded by paintings and living with history teachers, is it any wonder Adam Blade is a world class storyteller? His awesome Beast Quest series (7+) celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and to join in, we’re offering the chance to win copies of these magical adventures.

Brimming with courage in the face of evil, with wizards and deadly beasts at every turn and stakes higher than the sky, they are a rollercoaster flight of fantasy for young book fans.

Aliens have Loved Underpants for 10 Years now! (3+)

Aliens Love Underpants! With terrific illustrations and hilarious rhyme, Claire Freedman will make you fall in love with underpant-stealing aliens. After all, they can’t get them in space!

Turns out you really need to take care of your pants, because it seems that Dinosaurs may love them too!  Find out more.

Earning her Stripes! – Catherine Rayner’s Tiger Picture Books

Kate Greenaway Medal winner Catherine Rayner is famed for her large, bold pictures bursting with soul and character.

One Happy Tiger will help little ones learn to count while they enjoy a board-book journey through happiness, friendship and the natural world. Augustus and His Smile explores the opposite emotions of sadness and happiness and is a beautiful tiger-trail on the hunt for a lost smile.

Find out more.


Splattery Will get you Everywhere! – Splat! (3+) by Jon Burgerman

Splat! and just like that, you’re laughing!

This brilliantly original book which reinvents the physical books with a side-splitting splat on each page build and builds until your kids are in hysterics. Unique and deeply silly, this book is so much fun to share. See more.

Slumber Stories – Bedtime Reads category

A book before bed is a childhood joy as old as stories themselves and a habit that can stay with them all their lives. Our brilliant Bedtime Reads category, celebrates and showcases the best books to share with your little ones before the Sandman comes.

Creative Frighting! – Write Your Own Mystery & Ghost Stories (9+)

What a brilliant idea this is! A fabulously spooky study in skullduggery! Learn to build characters and stories and set them in haunted houses, cursed tombs, curdling crimes and more.

This is a whole load of frightening fun! Perfect for budding writers and story-tellers – and maybe even you!

Kipling & Grylls – Bear Necessities of Life!

Loved the world over, the writing of Rudyard Kipling has captured imaginations for generations with stories such as Kim, Puck of Pook’s Hill and of course The Jungle Book (recently made into a major new film).

Now the franchise has been given a reboot by TV survival guru, Bear Grylls. Spirit of the Jungle (9+) is a thrilling adventure story in the footsteps of Mowgli, but with details that only a Bear like Grylls can provide! Amazing and unique, it’s a must for adventurous young minds! Find out more.

Reluctant Readers Inspired!

Many kids struggle to engage with reading. It can be a vicious circle, undermining confidence and making reading an undiscovered joy. We are here to help! Our Reluctant Readers category is dedicated to finding accessible and enjoyable books that just might fit the bill. It’s brimming with brilliant books for boys and girls and could help them to start a lifetime of loving reading! Start their journey here.


Mountainous Magic for the Modern Teen

Sarah Mussi’s Snowdonia Chronicles series combines Merlin-esque magic with enticing romance in a stunning setting to create an adventure that feels Arthurian and intensely modern all at the same time.

The latest title and sequel to Here be Dragons, is Here be Witches. Heroine Ellie is caught in a classic clash between good and evil in her quest to be reunited with her true love. Shimmering with adventure and atmosphere, it’s a tale of heart, courage and legendary love. Find out more.

Win an Award Winning Author! Seriously!

Actually, what you win is the chance to have Guardian Fiction Prize winner Alex Wheatle (Liccle Bit, Crongton Knights and Straight Outta Crongton) visit your school. You can ask him lots of questions about his books and how he creates his characters. He could even help you create a story of your own. All you have to do is tell your teachers and get them to enter the competition. As well as the visit, you will get copies of all of his brilliant books for your library! Click here to find out how to enter and then FORCE your teachers to do it by 30 April! Good luck.

So, that’s April all wrapped up in a yellow ribbon and popped into the book basket! See you in May with a whole new bloom of brilliant books!

April eNewsletter

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

April brings a glorious shower of great reads for kids. We’ve more spring in our step than a jack-in-the-box as we bring you the best of the best for your brood of blossoming readers. Whatever their tastes, ages or abilities we have a truly exciting array of books for boys and girls to enjoy anywhere from the bus to school to bedtime! Read on for more.

No Fooling! – April Books of the Month

Top titles to tantalise every taste jostle jubilantly on our BOM bookshelf this month. Books like:

The Giant Jumperee (3+) – The first collaboration by picture book royalty Julia Donaldson and Helen Oxenbury- Our MEGA Picture Book of the Month. Read-a-long repeatable loveliness, perfect for sharing with pictures. The Barefoot Book of Children (5+) – A stunningly illustrated, jubilant celebration of what makes us different and what unites us all. – ‘A wonderful book.’ Mrs Dewsbury… – ‘Wonderful… very informative Sam Briggs (and mum).
0 5
Books! Books! Books! (7+) by Mick Manning – A unique book that lets the reader discover some of the amazing treasures Inside the British Library the greatest on Earth. Good Dog McTavish (9+) by Meg Rosoff – This characteristically sharp and witty comedy of modern life about a dog who saves his new family, not from fire or external threat, but from themselves.
7 9

Back to Blackman! – Malorie Blackman, Author of the Month

With her heart-rending story of love and space exploration Chasing the Stars out in paperback this month, there’s no better time to dive into the wondrous world of Malorie Blackman. She is also the author of the groundbreaking and award-winning Noughts and Crosses series which has had a brilliant makeover with some new jackets. Her unique blend of wit, thrill and emotional realism have won her acclaim and young fans the world over. We heard that one avid reader even spent her lunch money on Malorie’s books rather than eat! We don’t suggest you do this. Instead, check out the special category and choose your next favourite ever read!

April the Firsts! – Debuts of the Month

Here they are, this month’s fabulous first-timers just in time for Spring! We particularly love:

Old Macdonald Heard a Parp (3+) by Olaf Falafel – A side-splitting sing-a-long tribute to a very noisy famous farm!

The Hate u Give (YA) by Angie Thomas – ‘A novel that will be remembered as a classic of our time… even if you don’t love books you are going to love this.’ John Green.


What an Egg-cellent selection

Chocolate aside there is still time to pick up some Easter themed reading choices… see the shelf below.


Some Awesome April Highlights

Such a busy month this month but below are a few books we think are unmissable.

The Ravenmaster’s Boy (11+) Mary Hoffman – Bring Tudor history to life with this novel described by Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall) ‘as a dark but charming Tudor tale.’ The Snowdonia Chronicles (13+) by Sara Mussi – Merlin-esque mythology in the modern world full of adventure and a love story of legendary proportions. The Pavee and the Buffer Girl (11+) by Siobhan Dowd – Vivid, affecting and, though it has more than its share of sadness, ultimately uplifting. This is a book to treasure.
12 14 12

Shortlist Superstars! The Carnegie and Greenaway Book Awards

One of the hottest awards for children’s literature, the Carnegie and the Greenaway Medals honour the very best of the best in books for kids. We’re delighted to feature the sparkling shortlist of story-telling hopefuls who have satisfied the judges’ strict criteria. Take a look between the covers of our special category and choose your own medal-winners!

A Class of their Own! – UKLA Awards

The UK Literary Literacy Association (UKLA) book awards are the only awards judged exclusively by active classroom teachers. Covering age groups from 3+ to YA, these awards honour the books that teachers believe to be the best at every stage in a young reader’s life. And it’s not just the teachers; the pupils have their say too! We’re delighted to sponsor these awards and very excited for you to see the shortlists. Just click here to get started.

So they Sent Me a Dear Zoo 35th Anniversary Edition!

Delightful and fun, Rod Campbell’s interactive story of one child’s search for the perfect pet is 35 this year!

To celebrate this landmark, in the life of one of the most popular lift-the-flap adventures for little fingers, there is a wonderfully special 35th Anniversary Edition which would be a much-loved addition to any bedroom bookshelf and something they’ll love to read with their own kids when the time comes! Find out more.

Tomorrow’s Number Ones Today! – April Pre-Pubs

Get ahead of the game with free extracts of a superlative selection of brilliant books before they hit the shops! Don’t miss:

Timmy Failure the Cat Stole My Pants (7+) by Stephan Pastis – Dastardly dealings for the world’s best worst detective to solve in the 6th book of this mega-selling series. The Girl in Between (11+) by Sarah Carroll – A deeply moving story of family, homelessness, loneliness and grief and the ghosts that won’t let us go.
7 12

Putting the ‘cool’ in ‘School’ – The School of Series (7+)

School has never been so much fun with this awesome series. With two books so far, taking readers on a journey of learning in the worlds of Art and Music. In 40 fun lessons, you’ll discover how to write, listen to and love music; or how to create and understand more about wonderful pieces of art.

Both are a must for every home and a great aid to independent learning or something to share! Find out more.

Series of the Month! – Mango & Bambang (7+)

One Reader Reviewer said about Mango and Bambang: The Not-a-Pig; “I couldn’t get my nose out of it!”. And neither could we. One of our staff picks of 2015 it is a wonderful, witty and original tale of friendship and adventure with characters so loveable, you’ll consider them friends.

Since then, the series has gone from strength to strength and is set to become a modern classic. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you’re in for a treat! Click here to start.

Top Drawer! – The Picture Books of David Litchfield

Avid Indiana Jones and Star Wars fan, the young David Litchfield spent hours drawing and drawing. Time well spent! His debut picture book The Bear and the Piano won the Waterstones Prize and was one of our Books of the Year 2016. It’s a big-hearted tale of the power of friends and family over fame and fortune.

New for April is Grandad’s Secret Giant, a book about believing, belonging and big secrets! Find out more.

Julia Eccleshare April selections

Sharing is caring! Especially when it’s top recommendations from our very own Editor-at-large Julia Eccleshare. Check out her April top tips for great reads below.

Actual, Factual and Fantastic! – Fascinating Facts category

In a world with so much to know, from the small to the very large, is it any wonder we seem to be refreshing our ‘fact-abulous’ Fascinating Facts Category every month? April is no exception with even more factual forays into fascination to blow your mind. And perfect timing for the Easter holidays particularly if you have a reluctant reader as factual books can often provide the stimulus to get kids reading.

Don’t miss: Lesser Spotted Animals (7+) by Martin Brown, a colourful, clever, funny and informative introduction to all the animals you’ve never heard of! Find it and more, here.

Get Out of Here! – Out and About Category

With the Easter holidays here or soon to start and the promise of brighter weather ahead, what better time to take a peek at our Out and About category? It’s awash with great ideas to get kids outdoors and having fun! This month, check out Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers by Andrea Beaty (7+) and enter a draw to win copies (and other goodies) of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Michael Rosen’s wonderful tale of an adventurous, fearless family day out.


This is a Must! – Essential Reading for Kids Category

We love recommending the best books for children of all ages. Often, these include the latest fantastic reads to hit the shelves. However, there are some books that stand the test of time and speak to kids, generation after generation. This is our category dedicated to the must-reads for children, whatever their age. Books like: Each Peach Pear Plum (3+) Janet & Allan Ahlberg, a fun, interactive, read-aloud ‘I-Spy’ search for famous fairytale folk from the creators of Peepo! (3+). Find out more.

A Man for all Seasons – Walter de la Mare
One of the greatest poets of the 20th Century and author of the children’s classic Peacock Pie, Walter de la Mare’s work has been turned into wonderful picture books by illustrator Carolina Rabei. In a series follows the seasons of the year, Carolina has painted the words to Summer Evening, Snow, Silver and The Ride-by-Nights. Truly transportative and a great way to introduce children to the power of poetry. Find out more.

Scroll down for our hand-picked selections of April books in the age ranges you have said you would like to be kept up to date with. To change them just Log in to your account. Log in to your account.

March eNewsletter

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

World Book Day and March is ‘hare’! And a Wonderland of ‘wordery’ awaits you this month. A top-notch tea party of jabber-rocking reads to send you on a whole new world of adventures, as we look forward to Spring. From tots to teens and everything in between, we’ve just the thing to keep your children loving reading.  We hope your children had a great WBD. Why not share your experiences at @lovereadingkids?

March’s Must-Reads – Books of the Month

A bookshelf burgeoning with bookie brilliance this month. We especially recommend:

Sunk! By Rob Biddulph (3+) – Characterful, swashbuckling, High-seas adventure for Penguin Blue and friends.

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers who Changed the World (8+) – Our non-fiction B.O.M: inspiring, informative and gloriously illustrated celebration of female role models for the next generation.

My Name is Victoria (9+) by Lucy Worsley – Unique childhood friendship tale in the grand setting of the British monarchy, by one of TV’s favourite experts!

Following Ophelia by Sophia Bennett (11+) – Poverty, paint and heady romance. Glamour and excitement among the dirt and distress of the Pre-Raphaelite world.

Every Hidden Thing (13+) by Kenneth Oppel – Dusty adventure, danger and romance abound in this energetic, elegant and engrossing period piece. And look out for the paperback edition of remarkably original The Nest coming in April.

Optimists Die First (13+) by Susin Nielsen – ‘A wonderful novel. There is tragedy, but it’s sweetened it with laugh-out-loud moments and a great understanding of what it is to be a teenager.’ (Rosa, Reader Reviewer).


First Things First – Debuts of the Month

A first novel is a magical thing. These are the first-timers lining up to be your new favourite authors this month. Don’t miss:

The Silver Unicorn (7+) by Jessica Ennis-Hill – Inspirational, magical adventure tale, another first in a planned series, of ordinary people doing extraordinary things: from someone who should know!

Black Cats and Butlers (9+) by Janine Beacham – Darkly different, hugely enjoyable, witty mystery, the first in a planned series called Rose Raventhorpe Investigates.

See You in the Cosmos (9+) by Jack Cheng –  An unforgettable, poignant and inspiring story of a boy’s brave journey for the truth.


Well, I Never! – Fascinating Facts category

It’s always good to learn something mind-blowing. That’s why we’ve revamped our Fascinating Facts category! It’s more crammed than Dhaka (the world’s most populated city, don’t ya know?) with noggin-expanding nuggets for kids of all ages. We’ve split them into handy age-appropriate sections, so you can get straight to the right sort of ‘OMG!’. Try 101 Brilliant Things for Kids to do with Science by Dawn Isaac: creative and occasionally outrageous ideas for the scientifically curious. Click here to find it and all the new finds in our facts family.

ExperiMENTAL! Geek Chic for Science Week!

Everyone who’s anyone knows it’s SCIENCE that makes the world go around! Time to celebrate that.  10 – 17 March is British Science Week. How do I get involved you ask? – Clicking here. That’s how.  Become a ‘Citizen Scientist’, join activities, or even run your own event!  You’ll need a good book in your lab-coat though. Try George’s Marvellous Experiment by Roald Dahl: a must-have book for budding scientists, it features (completely safe) do-at-home experiments with simple, easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions to fire your passion! Find out more. Also check out our Fascinating Facts category where you will find some other fun and relevant reads too


Up For Grabs! – Free Prize Draw

This month we’re positively showing off with the calibre of prizes up for grabs. Sorry about that. Ignore our smugness and try and win a copy of Worst Years of my Life, part of the Middle School series by James Patterson and shortly to be a major film.  Or a copy of The Pavee and the Buffer Girl by Siobhan Dowd signed by the illustrator, Emma Shoard. Finally, you could be skipping away with copies and beautiful prints from Mac Barnett’s Triangle (3+) – a perfectly paced, picture perfect book for pre-schoolers. Click here for more!

Still Munching After All These Years – Very Hungry Caterpillar 20 March

What is it about the permanently peckish wriggly little chap that has captured our imagination for so long? Maybe it’s his voracious and varied appetite (who wouldn’t admire the eating of a lollypop and salami in one sitting?). Or perhaps we admire and envy the cocoon he gets to sleep the binge off in. Or the beautiful butterfly he leaves it as? Whatever the reason, it’s VHC Day on 20 March and you can celebrate with us, here!

Booked up for Mother’s Day?

Mum’s the word in our book! That’s why we believe that all Mums deserve to be shown just how much we love and appreciate them. And what better way than a well-chosen book? We’ve done a lot of the work for you to be honest. All you have to do is browse our top ideas and see which one suits her best!

The Latest Children’s Book Award News

Just announced are two prestigious children’s book awards. The Blue Peter Book Awards, uniquely voted for by children, went to Podkin One Ear by Kieran Larwood and the winner of the Best Book with Facts was Survivors by David Long.

Also, the winner of The Scottish Teenage Book Prize was announced 1 March and the deserved winner was Black Cairn Point by Claire McFall.

P.S. Top Drawer!  Illustrator of the Month – Sophy Henn

Brighton-based illustrator Sophy Henn escaped an accidental career in advertising to indulge her loves of tea and drawing. She now attends to both in her home where she happily writes wonderful stories for young children. Books like award-winning Where Bear? (3+) and the hilarious take on toddler tantrums: Pom Pom Gets the Grumps. Find out more.

P.P.S. Do you know a child who loves writing stories? Then click here to find out more about the 2017 Henrietta Branford Writing Competition. But don’t delay entries close 22 April 2017.

P.P.P.S How well do you know your children’s stories? Could you identify books and authors from just the opening line? Take our World Book Day Quiz and find out.

Mid-February eNewsletter

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Half term already! Read on for lots more kids’ book recommendations, from children’s book experts like Julia Eccleshare and catch up on the latest book related news. And parents with young children need to have a look at our charmingly brilliant Illustrator of the Month Sophy Henn.


February’s Children’s Highlights

Our highlights can point you on the path of perfect reads for kids of all ages that might have gone under your radar this month. Brilliant books like:

Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley (YA) – Devastatingly honest, powerful and emotional coming of age tale of self-knowledge and the trials of sexual identity.

The Night Gardener by Terry & Eric Fan (3+) – In delicate images and compositions, this breathtaking book makes us see the beauty of the world around us. And more on the shelves below.


Bring Non-Fiction to life

The What On Earth? Series from Christopher Lloyd bring facts to life! Each book contains a fold-out timeline, with intricate illustrations and bitesize pieces of information, which show the complete story of a range of popular non-fiction subjects including Science, History, Sport, Shakespeare and Nature.

Find out more about these books in our special category. And visit the whatonearthbooks website to download a FREE Activity Book which contains ten creative learning activities linked to the books in the Wallbook Collection. You can also buy the whole set in a brilliant slipcase edition – it’s stunning.

One. Step. Ahead, Baby!

This is your chance to read a free, fantastic first few chapters of brilliant books BEFORE they hit the shelves. 

The Fearless Travellers’ Guide to Wicked Places by Pete Begler (9+) – Beautiful, terrifying and in part comic magical fantasy about being true to who you are.

Black Moon by L.A. Weatherly (YA) – Thrilling, breathtaking conclusion to the Broken Trilogy. An expertly-crafted dystopian adventure, crammed with suspense, espionage, courage and romance.


A Love Story Like No Other

We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan (YA) – Our MEGA Book of the Month, a first collaboration between two major award-winning novelists. ‘A wonderful love story, told in prose, featuring two very damaged young people who blossom when they find one another. A gem.‘ (Rosa 17).

The authors first met at a dinner to celebrate their respective books being shortlisted for the 2015 CILIP Carnegie Medal. Soon after the two of them began sending chapters back and forth on WhatsApp.


Julia’s Jubilations! – Julia Eccleshare Recommends

Who better than the Guardian Children’s Books Editor who also happens to be our Editor-at-Large to suggest the books that are truly worth reading right now for kids of all ages? See what Julia Eccleshare has in store for us this month.


Talent to Draw On

Relatively new kid on the block, the work of Morag Hood has already won her acclaim and the love of very young children and parents everywhere. Her first story; Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea is a brilliant tale of unlikely friendship and was one of our Books of the Year 2016. Her latest title is When Grandad was a Penguin, a charming, original and quirky swapping-places story that is hilarious and wonderfully surreal. Find them here.

Great Scot! – Scottish Teenage Book Prize shortlist

Drawn from a sky-scraping pile of hopefuls, the shortlist for this highly coveted award is a mere three books long! With the winner announced on 1 March, you have just enough time to read them all and judge for yourself! Find out more here.

What Now? – “If they Like, They’ll Love”.

They’ve devoured a whole series by a favourite author and are hungry for more. But where can they turn to find their next great read? Our If They Like, They’ll Love section introduces them to other authors who are right up their street.

For instance; fans of Percy Jackson will love Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans (11+) – First in a four part series full of hilarious and addictive adventure bringing classical gods to the 21st Century! We can’t wait for more.

If they like The Fault in our Stars by John Green they’ll love The Memory Book by Lara Avery. If they like Geek Girl by Holly Smale they’ll love Waiting for Callback by Perdita and Honor Cargill. If they like books by Jacqueline Wilson they’ll love Born to Dance by Jean Ure.
14 12 9

New vivid other-world YA series

Josh Martin is an author dedicated to writing for young adults. He is fascinated by fantasy, environment, gender studies and strong heroines. His stunning new series for teens embodies all of these and more.

is a dystopian exploration of society and the trails of growing up. It’s perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and promises to be just as popular. Find the first in the series here.

A Fantastical feast of espionage, revenge, rebellion and romance

What started with Rebel of the Sands (13+) continues with Traitor to the Throne. Steeped in magic and myth, this series tingles with tension and the potent appeal of a heroine whose wit and power never let up.

Lauren 16, one of our Reader Reviewers said  ‘The plot twists are frequent and beyond anything I could have imagined, making for a wonderfully unpredictable and unforeseen story that will surely satisfy even the wildest of imaginations.’

Take a Gobb Stop! Michael Rosen’s Uncle Gobb is BACK!

Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen’s uproarious series about the boy Malcolm and the un-get-rid-of-able and incredibly strange Uncle Gobb was described by one of our Reader Reviewers as ‘talking to me rather than me reading it’ (Amisha 13). That’s about as good as it gets, we reckon!

The latest title is: Uncle Gobb and the Green Heads which sees both Gobb and Malcolm going to extraordinary, hilarious and mega lengths to get rid of each other. Don’t miss it!

More Delightful Picture Books from Rob Biddulph

Observer Magazine art director by day, creator of silly stories and pictures by night, Rob Biddulph is a favourite presence on children’s bookshelves the world over. His first book Blown Away won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2015 and we loved his glorious self-discovery tale; Odd Dog Out.

Now he has a new adventure to thrill us with and we have an exclusive extract for you Sunk!, sees the return of Penguin Blue in a swashbuckling new adventure about pirates, treasure, and friendship. Find out more.

Out of the Mouth of Babes. Reader Reviews

Who better than kids to recommend the books for kids? These are the honest opinions of children and if candidly shared with the kids will help you choose their next great read. Books like:

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth (9+) – ‘Exciting and full of adventure’, ‘… there’s no putting it down’, ‘… a funny, heartwarming tale’. Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles – ‘combines fantasy, romance, tragedy and teenage desire into one amazing read that I am still unable to forget.’ Rebekah 14. Broken Heart Club (9+) by Cathy Cassidy – the author has a gift for capturing the turbulent emotions of young adolescents… no longer children, yet not very adult.
9 ya 9
The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart (9+) by Stephanie Burgis – A delicious fantasy adventure with a fine mix of dragons, heroines and – chocolate! I Can Only Draw Worms (3+) by Will Mabbitt – A counting book and picture book like no other. ‘Brilliantly simple idea, fabulously executed’ (Parent Review).
9 0

Page Boys! – Great Books for Boys Category

This month is our Great Books for Boys category which now has even more boys’ own adventures and tales that might appeal to boys, especially those that struggle to find a way in too reading. Of course, girls may love them too! New this month:

House of Robots: Robots Revolution by James Patterson (9+) – Super readable secondary-school robot rumpus! And we have THREE fantastic goody bags filled with Middle School treats as prizes in a free to enter competition linked to the upcoming film The Worst Years of My Life.

And Radio Boy (9+) Award-winning broadcaster Christian O’Connell’s hugely entertaining debut novel is power charged!


Flip Flap to create hilarious combinations

The publisher Nosy Crow has created some very silly but compelling books that will charm the whole family and in particular young toddlers. Open a page to find one animal – but flip the top half or flap the bottom half and hilariously unique combinations are created such as the goreleon, half gorilla half chameleon, or the equally bright parrakog – half parakeet, half frog! New this month is Flip Flap Dogs.


Where’s Wally? He’s Here! And He’s 30!!

Can you believe that the stripy topped lad that we love to look for is 30 this year? Well, it’s true.  The worldwide phenomenon started 30 years ago with the classic picture book. Now there’s a celebratory, gold and shiny 30th-anniversary edition with even more fun features. Find out more and find Wally!

Book it in the Diary! – World Book Day 2017

We LOVE World Book Day! More than 15 million £1 book tokens given to children to exchange for wonderful books to read from award-winning authors. You can find this year’s list of available books here, so all you need to do is go to your local bookseller (find your local bookshop here) and swap your token for one of the TEN exclusive, new and completely free World Book Day books! Lovereading? Love World Book Day!

And that is February at Lovereading4kids. We’ll be back in March, with a spring in our step, with even more hand-picked recommendations for kids of all ages!

P.S. Mother’s Day Recommendations Just a little heads-up as Mother’s Day is just around the corner in March that a book can be a thoughtful, affordable and lasting gift. For gifts from little ones, we would like to recommend:

Bing: Something for Mummy by Ted Dewan (3+) – It seems that making something nice for Mum is a Bing Thing too!

February 2017 eNewsletter

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Frosty February is a book-filled festival of fun for the young. We’ve got plenty of ‘Thaw’tful recommendations to warm the hearts of burgeoning book-fans everywhere! Read on for what else is hot this month.

A Shelf Above! – February Books of the Month

Every month, we identify the top titles for kids from tots to teens. A great read, guaranteed! This month, don’t miss:

We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan (YA) – Our MEGA Book of the Month, a first collaboration between two major award winning novelists. ‘A wonderful love story featuring two very damaged young people who blossom when they find one another. A gem.‘ (Rosa 17)

Flip Flap Dogs by Nikki Dyson (0-3) – Crazy canine combinations will have you all giggling in this flip-flap fun board book for babies and toddlers.

Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure by A. L. Kennedy (7+) – hilarious and heartwarming animal rescue adventure by a Costa award-winning author and the start of a brilliant new series.

All About Mia by Lisa Williamson (13+) – Another insightful and unputdownable teen drama from the author of The Art of Being Normal.


Learning the power of Love

With Valentine’s Day looming, we’ve got some sweet suggestions to share the lurve.

Like the wonderful Bing: Bing Loves Flop, a charming list of reasons to love someone and a perfect way to celebrate the important people in your life. Or, I Love You by Clemency Pearce, a super celebration of the power of love.

Fab. Feb. Firsts! – Debuts of the Month

Yet again, we have scoured the shelves to bring you the very best of first time authors for children and teenagers to fall in love with!

Radio Boy (9+) – From leading breakfast radio star Christian O’Connell comes a brilliant and laugh-out-loud story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary secret radio show. It is a hugely entertaining shoot-for-the-stars tale of friendship, ambition and standing up for what’s right.

Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans (11+) – A rollicking, super funny, first. A supernatural series to savour – well past bedtime!

The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles (YA) – ‘I loved this book …This book has it all; fantasy, contemporary, romance, action, darkness, family. If you only read one book this year, let it be this one.’ (Talia 15)

Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit (13+) – A powerful and deeply moving WW2 story, highly recommended for mature, resilient readers.


The Best Things Are Free! – Prize Draw Round-Up

Some smashing freebies to get your mits on this month. Not least of all: signed copies of the amazing, absurd and anarchic Tree House series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton; PLUS, 5 copies of the hilarious Bolds by Julian Clary and many others. Click here to try your luck!

Top Drawer! Illustrator of the Month – Sophy Henn

Brighton-based illustrator Sophy Henn escaped an accidental career in advertising to indulge her loves of tea and drawing. She now attends to both in her home where she happily writes and illustrates wonderful stories for young children.

Her two latest Pom Pom Gets the Grumps and Edie are both delightful, hilarious and heartwarming and if you haven’t discovered her we recommend you do now.

Who would have thought worms would be so funny!

I Can Only Draw Worms is an hilariously surreal and superbly silly new picture book that will have children (and adults!) laughing out loud, holding their sides, and snorting in public.

Visually striking, enticingly simple and genuinely funny; Will Mabbitt has, without a doubt, created something curiously unique and extraordinarily bizarre.

Let’s Hear it for the Boyce! Frank Cottrell Boyce

A former Author of the Month (April 2016) and famed for his wit, warmth and superb sense of story, Frank Cottrell Boyce is a writer whose experience spans many formats. He even wrote the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony! Winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, we love all of his imaginative stories for kids. Launched in paperback this month is:

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth (9+) – Inventive, insightful and original story about the meaning of ‘home’.

Coming Soon… Start reading them now

Extract your digits and download an extract! Get free extracts of super stories BEFORE they’re even published! Why not try:

Following Ophelia by Sophia Bennett (13+) – A dazzling, vibrant and colourful journey into the scandalous world of Pre-Raphaelite art. Waking in Time by Angie Stanton (YA) – Grief, secrets, promises and a handful of time travel twists. What’s not to love? A favourite of our Reader Review Panel. Pigeon P.I. by Meg Mclaren (3+) – A lighthearted detective story featuring a pigeon who solves crimes with the help of his feathered friends.

Scroll down for our hand-picked selections of January books in the age ranges you have said you would like to be kept up to date with. To change them just Log in to your account.Log in to your account.

P.S. Grown-ups might like to have a look at the winner of the Costa Book of the Year, Days without End by Sebastian Barry, but our favourite remains the entertaining and highly original winner of the Costa Children’s Book of the Year The Bombs That Brought Us Together by Brian Conaghan.

Mid January e-Newsletter

Friday, January 20th, 2017

If you made ‘getting your kids to read more’ one of your 2017 resolutions we are here to help with virtual shelf loads of expert recommendations for children of all ages. Read on…


Follow the Lights! – January’s Highlights

Excellent and all in one easy-to-find place, these are the highlights of this month’s recommendations to find your next great read!

Zoo Boy and the Jewel Thieves (5+) by Sophie Thompson – Hilarious and delightful animal adventures for our loveable zoo-bound boy and his friends! Lyttle Lies: The Pudding Problem (5+) Joe Berger – Cheekily funny tale about honesty and the webs that lies can weave. But do we ever learn? Jake Atlas & the Tomb of the Emerald Snake Rob (9+) Lloyd Jones – ‘This daring adventure  brought my imagination alive. I can’t wait to read more of Jake’s adventures!’ (Alex 10)
5 9 9
Who Stole the Hamster? (7+) N. Griffin; Kate Hindley – super sleuthing in school corridors, perfect for pet lovers and those fond of a good laugh! The White Tower (9+) Cathryn Constable – Alchemy meets dreamy reality in an atmospheric adventure from the author of the bestselling, The Wolf Princess. Wed Wabbit (9+) by Lissa Evans – A tour de force! Lissa Evans’s hilarious, madcap adventure is both effervescent and tautly plotted making it impossible to put down.
7 9 9

A Debut YA novel you shouldn’t miss and you won’t forget

An accident aged ten has left Flora with no short term memory. Then a secret kiss on the beach – with her only friend’s boyfriend – lodges in her mind. Inspired, she sets off alone to follow him, a heart-stopping journey that takes her deep into the Arctic landscapes of Norway, scribbled messages she writes to herself on her arms her only reassurance or guide.

The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr is a unique mix, part coming-of-age, part psychological thriller, with an almost fairy-tale setting that we think will be one of the books of 2017.

That is SO Last Year! – 2016 Books of the Year

Why not start 2017 catching up with the best books that your kids may have missed in 2016?

We’ve painstakingly compiled (actually we loved every minute of it) the cream of the crop of last year’s releases for kids of all ages, so your New Year can begin with a bang! Click here for more.

What Next? … “If they Like, they’ll Love”

We want to make finding truly enjoyable books for your kids as easy as possible. What happens when a beloved series comes to an end? Our If They Like, They’ll Love section is designed to help you put your finger on fantastic new titles for kids that will be right up their street.

For instance: Fans of Murders Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens will love:

Nancy Parker’s Spooky Speculations (9+) by Julia Lee – A diary of detection and ghostly goings on from our favourite 1920s housemaid. St Grizzles School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys (9+) by Karen McCombie – A lively book that puts a 21st century spin on the boarding school story. What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible (9+) by Ross Welford – An unforgettable, surprising, beautiful, funny and loveably inventive invisibility tale.
9 9 9

AND, Kids who loved Wonder (film release scheduled April 17) by R. J. Palacio or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime will love:

The Goldfish Boy (9+) by Lisa Thompson – Heartbreaking, mysterious and life-affirming story of finding hope in fear and friendship in loneliness.

Supernatural Struggles from Joseph Delaney

Oh, this is something else! Exquisitely chilling and brimming with beasts, the Spooks’ Starblade Chronicles series (11+) is an utterly enthralling, spine-tingling treat. Walk shoulder to shoulder with characters so real you’ll know them like siblings, as they face dangers and trials in the wildest of worlds.

The latest title, The Dark Assassin, is out now and the stakes for the future of humanity are higher than ever! Find out more.

Hilo There!

If laugh-out-loud school adventures are your thing, you’ll LOVE the hilarious Hilo series (7+) by Judd Winick, the first two of which have just been released.

The first, Hilo: The Boy who Crashed to Earth is a fantastical tale of friendship and identity. Hilo: Saving the Whole World sees our hero settling into life on earth when all of a sudden, a galactic situation needs handling!

And coming in February is Hilo: The Great Big Boom which is packed with humour, danger and a warrior cat! Click here for more.

Bookbug Picture book Prize 2017

An excellent picture book is an enjoyable, shared experience that can stay in the heart from nursery to dotage! The Scottish Book Trust award celebrates the best of the new heroes on the nursery shelf. Check out the shortlist which are waiting for your love and Author Nick Sharratt who has been announced as the winner of the very first Bookbug Picture Book Prize for his picture book Shark in the Park on a Windy Day.


Best by a Whisker! – the books of Sam Gayton

Sam Gayton is a big kid. He’s in 7 different rock bands, loves a board game and most importantly, has a very, very good sense of fun. His latest title, His Royal Whiskers follows hot on the paws of his other acclaimed works: Hercufleas, Lilliput and The Snow Merchant. One of our kids reviewers described His Royal Whiskers as: ‘pure adventure, it’s very exciting, a story that will stay with you a lifetime.’ Praise indeed, and well deserved. Find out more about these 9+ reads.


Dystopian Delights!

Searingly real, the writing of bestselling Veronica Roth has earned her myriad fans and followers.

So, we are delighted to announce this celebrated author of the heart-pounding Divergent series has now come up with a world equally dark and treacherous in a new, stunning teen/YA sci-fi series called Carve the Mark. A galactic-scale imagining of the fight for survival and truth in a world where vengeance and violence rule. Terrific stuff! Click here for more.

From the Horse’s Mouth! – The Best Kids Reader Reviewer Recommendations for January

Do your kids like advice from a someone their age? Kids Reader Reviews can get right to the point. This is a section filled with the books that are read and reviewed by kids on our reader review panel! Books like:

Life in a Fishbowl (YA) Len Vlahos – A book that asks big questions! ’Fast paced and unexpected … an incredibly moving book.’ (Aimee 15) Spy Toys (7+) Mark Powers; Tim Wesson – James Bond meets Toy Story! ‘This book is amazing from start to finish; I read it in one day’. (Stanley 9) Trouble Next Door (5+) Chris Higgins – An enduring and endearing friendship tale about real affection and being led astray.
ya 7 5
A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard (13+) – ‘Never have I read a book as sweet as this! A perfect read for cold winter days, when the words can warm your soul.’ (Izzy 16) The Bone Sparrow by Zana Frallion (13+) – A heartfelt, harrowing insight into life as a Rohingya refugee, told through the unforgettable voice of an unforgettable boy. Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird (9+) – The lives of a Syrian family brought vividly and sympathetically to life. ‘Takes you on a journey, one that is impossible to forget.’ (Jasmine 12)
14 14 9

Let’s Get Dotty!

Loved by Julia Eccleshare and a big favourite with many young readers, Dotty is a detective with a difference!

Bouncily witty stories give the reader the impression of having a ‘book-best-friend’ and the end of the adventure comes all too quickly! Fret not; there are now three books in the series! Third book Midnight Mystery (7+) is a funny puzzle you’ll love being mystified by! Click here for more.

13, 26, 39, 52, 65, 78 stories… Welcome to a Crazy Treehouse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a room full of pillows, drink from a lemonade fountain or swing from vines? Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton bring this to life in the hilarious, incredibly popular and seemingly unstoppable large Treehouse series of books. See the six adventures so far on the shelf below. We also tracked Andy down to ask him a few questions. Find out more here.

Love is in the ‘Share’ – Gifts for Valentine’s Day from Little Loved-ones

You may be a Valentine’s enthusiast or staunch denier. Either way, we love any excuse to suggest gift ideas that brim with parental love to share with your kids! Here are some ideas to get you going but please don’t miss the joyfully warm and reassuring board book. I Love You by Clemency Pearce.

And that, book fans, is January at Lovereading4kids! See you next month with more recommendations to keep you buried in a book!

January eNewsletter

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Happy New Year to all our young book fans! There may be things you’d rather not look back on from 2016, so it’s onwards and upwards! BUT, it was such a fab-tastic year for children’s books that you’d be mad not to squidge a sneak peek at our Books of the Year round-up. Find the top titles that you may have missed, all recommended by our dedicated experts AND our ardent army of Reader Reviewers. For that and more, read on, MacDuff!

January Children’s Books of the Month

What better way to kick off a word-guzzling 2017 than with January’s tips for top titles. This month, we love:

The Monstrous Child (11+) by Francesca Simon – Extraordinary, dark, grim Gods-and-Giants tale and a singular heroine brimming with energy, vitality and wit.

Also Picken Mix and Match the Farm Animals! (Baby and Toddler) by Mary Murphy – brilliant split page board book of adorable creatures and an hilarious new series by Judd Winick for 7+ readers about Hilo an alien boy who lands on earth wearing just silver underpants!!


New Yearlings! – Debuts of the Month

The first month of a new year and the first chance to find your next favourite authors. Fantastic first-timers fighting for your fandom! We love:

MEGA Debut… The One Memory of Flora Banks (YA) from Emily Barr, bestselling adult author but her first YA novel A unique, unforgettable and wondrous tale. Part coming-of-age, part thriller and part fairytale. Brilliant!

Wing Jones (YA) by Katharine Webber & Luke Lucas – ‘expansive, heartfelt tale of loss, first love and self-discovery.’ And This is a Serious Book (Baby and Toddler) by Jodie Parachini – brilliantly silly and surprisingly sophisticated animal led picture book fun!


Costa Fame! – Children’s Winner

The wait is over! The winner of the Costa Award for children’s writing has just been announced and you can find it, as well as all the other great titles shortlisted, here. That should keep you going until the Spring!

The winner was The Bombs That Brought Us Together (11+) by Brian Conaghan and The Costa Judges said of it “Reflecting the disorder that conflict brings, Bombs shines a light in the darkest corners, finding humour in the most extraordinary circumstances.”

That was the Year, that was! – 2016 in Books

The only review of 2016 worth looking at! (apart from maybe the Olympics). This is a category brimming with the best books of last year in the humble opinion of our editorial experts and Reader Review panel.

Top titles, age ranged, for tots to teens that our dedicated experts reckon are the cream of the crop! Find out what you might have missed.

January Pre-Pubs

A chance to dip your toe in the warm waters of wonderful works of fiction before they’ve even appeared in the shops! There is an Exclusive extract for most of them right here on Lovereading4kids together with an honest review from one of our editorial experts and Reader Review panel.

And don’t miss: The Dark Days Pact (YA) by Alison Goodman. Sequel to the popular Dark Days Club and the 2nd in the compelling, regency with a touch of supernatural, Lady Helen series.

And the follow on to the ‘compelling, intriguing and magical’ The Witch’s Kiss, melding ancient witchery with modern-day dilemmas of the heart is The Witch’s Tears (13+) by Elizabeth and Katharine Corr.


Express Yourself… Dork style!

A brilliantly accessible, interactive, fun way to help youngsters explore their talents for creative writing. With Dork Diaries OMG: All About Me Diary! (9+) you can create your very own Dork Diary by following the leading questions that Dork Diarist Nikki Maxwell poses to you. You could be on your way to being the next teen writing sensation!

Also the first in the Dork Diary series has been reissued as a limited edition with a new cover and updated contents – a great one to get 9+ readers, especially girls, hooked.

Julia Eccleshare’s January Picks

Back for a first selection of 2017 unmissable Children’s books. See the shelf below.


And So to Bed! – Bedtime Reads Refresh

A book before bedtime happens in almost every small person’s room in almost every house in almost every country in the world. This section celebrates the best books to share with your young children and has just had a refresh!

Try This is the Kiss (Baby and Toddler) by Claire Harcup and Gabriel Alborozo, a delightful tale of the bond between parent and child where every experience of the day leads to a kiss before sleep.

Reluctant Resolutionaries? – Reluctant Readers Refresh

If your kids struggle to engage with reading, why not resolve to help them this new year by browsing our category dedicated to finding accessible and enjoyable books for kids who for whatever reason find it hard to read? It’s brimming with brilliant books for boys and girls of all abilities and could help make 2017 the year they started to Lovereading!


Scroll down for our hand-picked selections of September books in the age ranges you have said you would like to be kept up to date with. To change them just Log in to your account.

P.S. Don’t miss The Big Spell a spectacular new family entertainment series that will uncover the nation’s best young speller. Supported by Oxford Childen’s Dictionary and hosted by Sue Perkins, Joe Lycett and Moira Stuart. The Big Spell, which has been a smash hit in Australia, will see twenty children aged nine to thirteen go word to word in the ultimate spelling showdown. It started on 8 Jan, 5pm, Sky 1 and runs for eight weeks.

P.P.S. Fans of The Worst Witch should tune into CBBC this Wednesday (11 January) at 4.30pm when the new TV show starts. And, of course, we have all the books on our website. Privacy Policy Disclaimer