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Why does Lovereading4kids have a Great Books for Boys category?

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

You may have seen all the furor in the press recently over toys and books reinforcing gender stereo types – and maybe you are thinking why does Lovereading4kids have a Great Books for Boys section? – And indeed we were challenged by a member to justify it. You can read our full response below but the overriding reason was because it was clear from the emails we received in the office that it was needed by parents of boys who were struggling to get them engaged with parents. For us pragmatism overrides political correctness anytime.

Here is the email that challenged why we had a Great Books for Boys category.


Subject: Website Form: Gender specific searches

Message posted by: Wendy


Your website is a great resource. The ability to search by age and other categories is invaluable. However, I have to shake my head in despair that you allow books to be labelled as for boys or girls. It’s time this outdated stereotyping was phased out. If websites like yours did not reinforce them, or even made a public point of avoiding them, this would be beneficial for you, your readers and educational for those selecting the books. Publishers need help to wake up and acknowledge that labelling books in this way is something that belongs in the past.

Here is our response.

Dear Wendy

We are delighted you find Lovereading4kids a useful resource. We are sorry though you take issue with our Books for Boys category. We did think long and hard about the pros and cons of creating a Books for the Boys category but from the early days of Lovereading4kids, a site providing parents with guidance on what their kids might like to read, we had sufficiently regular customer service queries from parents requesting advice and guidance on good books for boys to read. Some of whom had quite reluctant readers and wanted reassurance that a title they chose was likely to get a positive response. So we took the decision to set up the ‘books for boys’ category. Since then we’ve have had feedback saying how helpful the category is.

However, we absolutely concur that books aimed specifically at either boys or girls because ‘for the girls’ or ‘for the boys’ is mentioned in the title, or colour of the cover for example is not something that should be happening. But to create a special category as we have done and curate it with a range of books that gives parents confidence and guidance has shown to be incredibly useful.

In addition, all the titles that feature in the Books for the Boys category also feature in categories by relevant age ranges and in fascinating Facts if they are non-fiction titles. They might also feature in other categories too if appropriate where no gender preference is made.

Finally, we are very clear within the category that girls might equally enjoy the books in the Books for Boys category. As we say on the category home page:

“We’ve created a special category of books, broken down by age range, which our experts think will be enjoyed enormously by boys. It might be purely because there’s plenty of exciting action and fast-moving plots in the story and that the book will grab the reader’s attention before they’ve even finished the first page or perhaps the characters in the story are mostly boys. Please don’t think however, that we’re excluding girls from having an interest in these books. We know there are plenty of girls who also enjoy books that are more aimed at boys”.

Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further queries.

Books that become films, Great Books for Boys and much more….

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Some heroes of children’s literature were born in the month of March, including Kenneth Grahame (1859) and Anna Sewell (1820). Grahame had been telling stories to his son about Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger for several years before he wrote The Wind in the Willows. Sewell, who penned one of the most popular children’s books of all time – Black Beauty – originally intended it for horse-lovers more than kids. It just goes to show – wherever there’s a brilliant story, children will latch onto it and love it to bits even into adulthood.

This month’s Highlights

Help your kids’ imaginations with the books behind the films

Films are a wonderful way of piquing children’s interest in stories, but sometimes it’s good for them to read the book before they see the movie – it’s brilliant creative brain training. Upcoming film releases include the new Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (screenplay by the wonderful Emma Thompson), and Diary of a Wimpy Kid . The books behind them are truly fantastic – download free Opening Extracts of and whet your kids’ appetites for the films.

Great books for Boys

Lots of research suggests that boys don’t read as much as girls. We want to help redress the balance, so we’ve created a special category of books our experts think will appeal to boys through their exciting action and fast-moving plots. We hope this will be a useful resource for parents! As always you can download free Opening Extracts of each book and buy with a 25% discount, and we will be adding to the new section regularly.

Be the first to discover – Lovereading4kids Pre-publication exclusives

Where I Belong

Gillian Cross

11+ A powerful coming-of-age novel about three friends who have to come to terms with some tough issues – people smuggling and kidnapping, fashion and falsehoods.

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Koh Tabu

Ann Kelley

11+ This very cool novel sees a trip to a tropical island turn from paradise to death, danger and a struggle for survival – all in one terrible night.

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The Truth About Leo

David Yelland

11+ An incredibly moving and insightful story about a kid trying to cope with his father’s alcoholism handled by the author with a deftness of touch.

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The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey

Trenton Lee Stewart

Don’t let any 9+ year old miss this one. Fast-paced, brilliantly plotted and the children in the story are incredibly endearing

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A Web of Air :Mortal Engines 6 Fever Crumb 2

Philip Reeve

9+ Reeve’s Mortal Engines sequence has just got even more gripping if that were possible. Fever Crumb is recruited by a strange recluse to build a flying machine – but ruthless enemies will kill to get their secrets!

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The Pasta Detectives

Andreas Steinhofel

9+ A fantastically quirky debut mystery starring two unlikely boy detectives, the mildly autistic Rico and the brainy but anxiety-ridden Oscar.

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Nick Holt

7+ Part of the absorbing, sumptuous ‘ology’ series that gives readers hours of entertainent. Vampireology explores ‘the true history of the fallen’ – the vampires who have lived among us for hundreds of years..

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Triskellion 3: The Gathering

Will Peterson

11+ The third and final instalment in this gripping paranormal adventure trilogy.

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Even more unfortunate events from our Series of the Year

Dive in to the next three books (5,6 and 7) of the incredible and immersive world of Lemony Snicket. The titles about the ill-fated Baudelaire orphans were the 5th most popular books of the last decade and got more kids reading than Harry Potter. Now, at long last, they are available to buy in great value paperback for a whole new generation of fans!

Michael Morpurgo needs YOU

Bestselling author Michael Morpurgo is sponsoring the exciting new Wicked Young Writers’ Award, in association with Wicked, the musical that turns the story of The Wizard of Oz on its head. It’s a great way to encourage children and young adults to get creative – entrants aged from 5 to 25 can write about whatever they like, in prose or poetry. Michael Morpurgo comments, ‘All children are born with a sort of spark of genius. Growing up should fan it’. There are five different age categories and the deadline for this year’s award is July 23. For more details go to the award website – Enjoy! Privacy Policy Disclaimer