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Most popular children’s books, by age range, 25 Sep – 2 Oct 2011

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Books for Babies and Toddlers

Utterly Lovely One Utterly Lovely One
Mary Murphy
This celebration of a baby’s loveliness overflows with warmth, playful humour, energy and love. It is a perfect read-aloud book that simply oozes affection and
positivity and celebrates every person, every animal, for who they are.
The message of love …
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Elmer and Super El Elmer and Super El
David Mckee
Elmer, the best-selling and most beloved elephant, is back for a new adventure. When Super El turns up with his super-costume all torn, Elmer knows just the person to fix it. But getting Super El to Aunt Zelda without the …
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That's Not My Elephant That’s Not My Elephant
Fiona Watt
Little fingers will love touching this book and laughing at all the things that show it is not an elephant! Ears that are too rough, a tail that is too tufty, toenails that are too bumpy. But what about the …
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Featured Books for 3+ readers

Again! Again!
Emily Gravett
Prize-winning Emily Gravett has hit the jackpot again with a brilliant and original picture book that will delight adults as much as children. Everyone knows that the best bedtime stories can be read again and again and again… But sometimes, …
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King Jack and the Dragon King Jack and the Dragon
Peter Bently
Award winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations brilliantly capture the rich childhood imagination of this exciting and brave adventure starring knights and dragons and all kinds of scary monsters. Brave King Jack and his friends Zak and the baby Caspar build …
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The Highway Rat The Highway Rat
Julia Donaldson
Best-selling author/ illustrator combination Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have teamed up for another great adventure. Many of the creatures that appear in The Gruffalo feature in this rollicking adventure of a greedy Highway Rat and how he is outwitted …
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Featured Books for 5+ readers

Nora The Girl Who Ate and Ate and Ate Nora The Girl Who Ate and Ate and Ate
Andrew Weale
Nora’s love of eating knows no bounds. Once she’s eaten all the food, she starts on her toys, her bed, her shoes and her socks….Will she ever stop? Suddenly, she’s had enough. A giant burp propels Nora up into space. …
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The Princess and the Pea (Early Reader) The

Princess and the Pea (Early Reader)
Sally Gardner
A classic story stylishly updated and perfect for first time readers. Sally Gardner retells this favourite tale of how a real princess can only be found by testing how delicate and sensitive she really is. Lively illustrations create a suitably …
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Meet the Gang  (Early Reader) Meet the Gang (Early Reader)
Francesca Simon
Honey, the delightful puppy, has to make her mark on the animal gang in Buffin Street. At first they are suspicious but loveable Honey soon wins their trust in this exciting adventure led by a cast of dogs, cats,

rabbits …
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Featured Books for 7+ readers

The Field Guide - Spiderwick Chronicles The Field Guide – Spiderwick Chronicles
Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi
Book one of The Spiderwick Chronicles in which Mallory, Simon and Jared get acquainted with their new home but find many unexpected things. It all started when Jared Grace found their great uncle’s book filled with pictures of fantastic creatures – …
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Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe
Joanna Nadin
Side-splittingly funny stories for young girls who are reading confidently. Penny Dreadful (not her real name) creates havoc wherever she goes and whatever she does! She has some really brilliant ideas, the only trouble is, they often seem to go …
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James and the Giant Peach James and the Giant Peach
Roald Dahl
Best-selling Roald Dahl has delighted children for half a century and this 50th anniversary edition celebrates that amazing feat. His titles show no sign of aging and thankfully they never will as all of them are timeless classics.
From the moment …
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Featured Books for 9+ readers

My Name is Mina My Name is Mina
David Almond
One of the 8 titles longlisted for the Guardian Children’s Book Prize 2011.
Shortlisted for the prestigious Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2011.
Mina was Michael’s thoughtful, resourceful and spiky neighbour in David Almond’s prizewinning Skellig. This is the story of her …
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Muddle Earth Too Muddle Earth Too
Paul Stewart
Invention after invention propels this witty new Muddle Earth story by best-selling duo Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Joe turns up in Muddle Earth entirely by accident when he falls through a portal while trying to build a flat-pack wardrobe. …
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Sticky Ends Sticky Ends
Jeanne Willis
Twenty six fabulously funny modern cautionary tales are wittily illustrated by Tony Ross in this vivid and entertaining collection. The sticky ends of the title bring delightful surprises to verses about the truly disgusting nature of school dinners, the fate …
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Featured Books for 11+ readers

A Greyhound of a Girl A Greyhound of a Girl
Roddy Doyle
Best-selling Roddy Doyle has written a wonderful, funny and warm-hearted family story about the dying of a granny which weaves together the lives of four generations and a little bit of ghostly mystery too. Mary’s relationship …
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Justin Thyme Justin Thyme
Panama Oxridge
This debut novel is a terrific blend of action, adventure, espionage and time travel set in the wilds of Scotland and featuring a 13 year old boy who believes that an anonymous gift he’s been given will enable him to …
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The Fear (The Enemy Series 3) The Fear (The Enemy Series 3)
Charlie Higson
Best-selling author Charlie Higson has created a chilling world in his thrilling Zombie series. Not only have all the adults – older siblings and parents – lost their minds and become hopeless has-beens but there is the horrific danger of …
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Featured Books for 14+ readers

The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean
David Almond
Award-winning David Almond breaks new boundaries in his storytelling of this remarkable tale. Billy Dean is an innocent child surrounded by decay and threatened with an undefined violence. In his unique voice, he tells his own story of survival, and …
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Lies Lies
Michael Grant
A compelling sequel to the best-selling Gone and Hunger, Lies is a dark, thrilling and thought-provoking adventure. It is set in a dystopian future where food is scarce and life is fragile; all those over fifteen have been annihilated leaving …
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Velvet Velvet
Mary Hooper
A richly atmospheric novel set

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in the Victorian period and perfect for fans of the hugely popular Fallen Grace. Teens will love this romantic, thrilling and exciting new novel from the acclaimed and much loved historical novelist. It’s also a …
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Roald Dahl’s Legacy – Lovereading4kids Top 10 Dahl books

Friday, October 9th, 2009

roald_dahlTo celebrate the release of FANTASTIC MR FOX in cinemas nationwide from 23 October, we look back at some of the wonderful books written by the master of childhood fantasy, Roald Dahl.

From the magical mischievousness of Matilda to the touching relationship between father and son in Danny Champion of the World there is bound to be a Roald Dahl story to suit the whole family. Read on to see our Top Ten packed with lots of film trivia. Or click here to see all of Roald Dahl books on one page!

Fantastic Mr Fox

fantastic mr foxAfter being caught stealing chickens from the mean local farmers Mr Fox is trapped in his underground home, with shotgun and spade aimed at his door. It is up to Mr Fox, with a little help from his fellow ground dwelling animals, to outsmart the crooked farmers and find a way out to provide food for his family and friends. Wes Anderson, well known for his critically acclaimed dry comedies combines his original sense of humour together with traditional stop motion animation to bring a distinct air of sophistication to the farmyard with a star studded voice cast in George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray.

The Witches
witchesThey have no hair, have claw like fingernails disguised with gloves, have no toes, spit which is bright blue and pupils where you can see “fire and ice dancing”. The book that first introduced us as children to spot ‘the witches’ also managed to scare us behind the sofa when Angelica Huston portrayed the Grand High Witch that turns the protagonist into a mouse using the persuasive power of chocolate!

James and the Giant Peach
james and the giant peachOne of the best loved Roald Dahl books, follows the journey of the orphan James. After his parents are killed in a rhino rampage he is sent to live with his matriarchal aunts. With the help of some magical crystals he manages to escape the grasps of his awful aunts to a magical, miniature world filled with adventure, insects and lots of peach! Adapted for film in 1996, and featuring the voice talent of Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon and David Thewlis and appearances from Pete Postelthwaite and Joanna Lumley, makes this story one of the most beloved of Roald Dahl’s books.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
charlie and the chocolate factoryOne of the most essential books to read in childhood Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has become a timeless childhood classic. Charlie becomes involved in a race across the world to win one of four golden ticket that will let him into the world’s most amazing chocolate factory. Introducing the world to Umpa Lumpas, everlasting gobstoppers and the repercussions of being greedy! Such is the popularity of the Classic Dahl book, there has been two adaptations of the book, both as magical and crazy as the other. The 1971 version, featuring Gene Wilder, manages to both fascinate and scare all those watching making us all want to avoid the suspicious Slugworth! The 2005 Tim Burton adaptation with Johnny Depp manages to match the book’s original wackiness with an incredible mix of CGI psychedelic visuals.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
9780141322698The lesser known sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Great Glass Elevator starts off where the previous book left off with Charlie, now the owner of the Chocolate Factory crash landing on the moon! Charlie must save the inhabitants of a space hotel from the attacks of the vicious, Vermicious Knids. Although never adapted for the big screen, Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory featured a few scenes mentioned in the book.

matiladaAnother dark book following the unhappy life of Matilda, A five year old girl whose parents have little interest in the well being of their child. Determined to do more in life than rot in front of the television, Matilda takes herself to the library. After reading classics from Dickens to Orwell Matilda’s intellect gets noticed in the classroom and is moved up a year into Miss Honey’s class. But the rulings of the school headmistress, Miss Trunchball seem just as harsh as her parents at home leading Matilda to discover one day that she has telekinetic powers. When it is discovered that miss honey has been swindled out of a large inheritance by Miss Trunchbull, Matilda strives to right the wrongs around her using her new found powers.
Adapted for film by Danny Devito in 1996, the film managed to transfer the magic of Matilda onto the silver screen.

The Twits
9780141322759As this top ten list shows Roald Dahl had a tendency to focus on abusive adults, and this character trait continues with The Twits! Mr. and Mrs. Twit, an unhygienic shaggy haired (Mr Twit’s food has a habit of getting caught in his bushy beard!) couple, who take great pleasure in luring birds to bake in a pie and torment their pet monkey Muggle-wump. One day a ‘Roley-Poly bird’ from South Africa encourages Muggle-Wump and his animal friends to extract their timely revenge. Just desserts are served as Mr and Mrs Twit are terrorized and run

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Danny, Champion of the World
georges marvellous medicineAfter the death of his mother at the age of four Danny and his Father only have each other. By the age of nine Danny thought he knew everything that could be known about his best friend, his father, until he discovers a dark secret. What follows is an attempt at the most daring, the most dangerous and the most dastardly plan to outwit a wicked landowner.
A heartwarming story of father and son with the lead character a typical example of Dahl’s ability to paint witty and intelligent characters. The Television adaptation in the late eighties saw real life father and son, Jeremy and Samuel Irons, take on the lead characters.

George’s Marvellous Medicine
633801469156879508-1If there is an illness George Kranky is likely to have a cure for it! Fed up with his bad tempered grandmother, George sets out to cure it with his own special brews, concocted from all the dangerous liquids, tablets and substances you may find in the garden. He has medicine to make you tall, medicine to make you small but can he find that fantastic formula to make you happy? One of the few books not to have received a big screen adaptation, Georges Marvelous Medicine has featured on an episode of Jackanory and has been west end treatment with a critically successful stage play.

bfgThe BFG is the nickname for the Big Friendly Giant, who befriends orphaned Sophie. The girl soon learns that her giant friend is responsible for creating the dreams of children and helps him along with his job. The 1989 animated film based on this story doesn’t exactly coincide with the book, but it still brings to life the interesting tale. The character of Sophie is actually based around Dahl’s daughter, Sophie Dahl.

fox posterFANTASTIC MR FOX is released in cinemas nationwide form 23 October 2009
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