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Top 3 books, by age range on Lovereading4kids 14 – 21 May 2017

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Books for Babies and Toddlers

Grumpy Frog Grumpy Frog
Ed Vere
Join Grumpy Frog as he learns about compromise and tolerance, friendship and the power of saying sorry. A hilarious book with a twist in the tail about getting – and getting rid of – the grumps from New York Times …
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Elmer Elmer
David McKee
The wonderfully colourful story of Elmer the patchwork elephant has been a nursery favourite since this first book was published in 1989. A modern classic, the story of Elmer is known to millions, and continues to be one of the …
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Hello, Mr World Hello, Mr World
Michael Foreman
The future of the world is in our children’s hands says this beautiful and sensitive picture book. ‘Let’s be doctors’ say two little children in front of a dressing up box. In their white coats they meet their first patient, …
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Featured Books for Young Adults

Release Release
Patrick Ness
***Recommended for 16+ due to content.
May 2017 Book of the Month | In a Nutshell: love, truth and the power of release  |  A gripping, soulful novel about a life-changing day, which will surely change the lives of those who …
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Encounters Encounters
Jason Wallace
May 2017 Book of the Month | In a Nutshell: Alleged alien encounter inspired by true events |   An utterly absorbing novel based on the real-life phenomenon of a group of Zimbabwean schoolchildren claiming to have experienced an extra-terrestrial encounter.
With …
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After the Fire After the Fire
Will Hill
In a nutshell: tense, super-suspenseful novel based on harrowing real life events
After the Fire was inspired by the Waco siege in Texas 1993 when 82 members of the Branch Davidian sect and four US government agents died in a fire …
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Featured Books for 3+ readers

King of the Sky King of the Sky
Nicola Davies
May 2017 Picture Book of the Month | A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month May 2017  |
In a story full of hope against adversity, King of the Sky tells how flying a homing pigeon helps a young boy …
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The Treasure of Pirate Frank The Treasure of Pirate Frank
Mal Peet, Elspeth Graham
Unusually clever and skilfully told this pirate story has echoes of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt both in the way that the narrative grows and builds from page to page and in its lovely surprise ending. A young boy …
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Just Like Daddy Just Like Daddy
Lucy Freegard
May 2017 Debut of the Month
This charming picture book delivers messages that children always need to hear: that daddy loves them no matter what they do; that grown-ups are playful and sometimes silly too; that everyone makes mistakes, and if …
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Featured Books for 5+ readers

Superdad's Day Off Superdad’s Day Off
Phil Earle
May 2017 Book of the Month | Interest Age 5-8 |  In a nutshell: the best laid plans of mice and supermen …|  Stanley is as normal a kid as you can meet, but his dad, well, he’s a superhero, Dynamo …
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The Barefoot Book of Children The Barefoot Book of Children
Tessa Strickland, Kate DePalma
April 2017 Book of the Month  Innovative and inclusive, The Barefoot Book of Children empowers young readers to learn about the different lives of children around the globe.  Whilst being gently encouraged to ponder their own place in the world – …
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All Aboard the London Bus All Aboard the London Bus
Patty Toht
Both an engaging guidebook to the major sights of our capital city and a collection of new London poems, this is a lovely book to read aloud and to look at. Sam Usher’s attractive pen and watercolour illustrations catch the …
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Featured Books for 7+ readers

Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants
Stephan Pastis
In a nutshell: Hilarious sleuthing with boy detective and his sidekick polar bear…  |   A new Timmy Failure book is always a cause for celebration and this is another glorious mix of humour, surrealism, incompetent detection – and chickens. Timmy is …
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King Coo King Coo
Adam Stower
May 2017 Book of the Month | A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month May 2017  |
A glorious romp of a story full of confusion and chaos but with a strong message about trusting yourself and standing up to bullies. …
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A Song for Will and The Lost Gardeners of Heligan A Song for Will and The Lost Gardeners of Heligan
Hilary Robinson
May 2017 Book of the Month |  This deeply moving story perfectly conveys the devastating impact of the First World War both on those who took part and those they left behind. Though the story is fiction, many of those …
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Featured Books for 9+ readers

Wave Me Goodbye Wave Me Goodbye
Jacqueline Wilson
In a nutshell: an evacuee story as imagined by the one and only Jacqueline Wilson
Queen of contemporary fiction, Jacqueline Wilson is now setting her stories in the past, but they’re not one bit less lively, immediate or relevant to young …
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Where the World Ends Where the World Ends
Geraldine McCaughrean
May 2017 Book of the Month | In a nutshell: beautifully written, totally original, mesmerising storytelling |
In the summer of 1727 a group of men and boys, there to harvest birds and eggs, were stranded on Warrior Stac, a pinnacle …
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Moonlocket Moonlocket
Peter Bunzl
In a nutshell: child-centred adventure where the action runs like clockwork.
Peter Bunzl continues the adventures of the stars of the hugely popular Cogheart in his new adventure which has all the charm and appeal of his debut. Robert is now …
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Featured Books for 11+ readers

The Dark Prophecy The Dark Prophecy
Rick Riordan
May 2017 Book of the Month |  In a nutshell: epic adventure, story-telling genius
It’s not easy being immortal in Rick Riordan’s Greek-myth inspired sagas, and Apollo has every right to feel fed up in this one. As punishment for misdemeanours, he’s been …
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The Island at the End of Everything The Island at the End of Everything
Kiran Millwood-Hargrave
In a nutshell: beautifully told story of courage and hope and an unforgettable setting
Kiran Millwood Hargrave follows up her award-winning debut The Girl of Ink and Stars with a story set in the real world, though one still filled with a …
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Cogheart Cogheart
Peter Bunzl
Shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2017 |  September 2016 Debut of the Month
In a nutshell: tick-tocking frequently airborne adventure   From its opening scene aboard an airship harpooned in mid-air, Cogheart is filled with fabulous visual images and a …
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Featured Books for 13+ readers

The Bombs That Brought Us Together The Bombs That Brought Us Together
Brian Conaghan
Winner of the Costa Book Awards, Children’s Book category, 2016
Charlie’s life should be pretty miserable: he lives in Little Town, where everyone spies on everyone else, and the population is caught between their oppressive rulers and violent criminals who …
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Between the Lies Between the Lies
Cathy MacPhail
In a Nutshell: Devastating deceits and sanity-shattering set-ups | Tense, twisty thriller in which a girl’s disappearance spirals into a snare of manipulation and lies..
Fourteen-year-old Jude has gone missing from Port Glasgow. No one has heard from her until she …
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Spellslinger Spellslinger
Sebastien de Castell
In a Nutshell: Witty fantasy anti-hero forges his own path
There’s trickery, traps, and action aplenty in this vividly conjured magical fantasy – the first in a series – about finding your place and discovering who you really are.
Soon-to-be-sixteen, Kellen is …
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New Children’s reading for February 2010

Friday, February 5th, 2010

We hope you and the children are having a great start to the new decade, and that books are playing a big part! According to our literary calendar, Judy Blume, Kenneth Grahame, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens were all born in the month of February, and every time we recall such brilliant children’s writers it inspires us to go out and find new talent to tell you about – to help kids of today fall in love with reading.

Our Bookshelf of fantabulous Books of the Month

MEGA BOOK OF THE MONTH! – Time Riders by Alex Scarrow

As well as our normal bookshelf of Books of the Month we want to shout a bit louder about one of the most anticipated new books for young readers. Written by an established adult author Alex Scarrow Time Riders is his first children’s book. Three teenagers have cheated death. Now they have to fix broken history, and stop time travel from destroying the world… Readers of 10+ will be transfixed by it. Find out more and read a free Opening Extract!

Help your kids’ imaginations with the books behind the films

Films are a wonderful way of piquing children’s interest in stories, but sometimes it’s good for them to read the book before they see the movie because when you read you can imagine how landscapes, characters and adventures look – it’s brilliant brain training. So we’re launching a new category with information about upcoming films and the books they’re based on – to help make books a part of the whole experience. Find out more about the brilliant new films due for release and created from even better books.

Win yourselves something fantastic – new competitions

After a brief break for January, our popular Free Prize Draws and Competitions section is back! This month we have prizes linked to cats, dragons and teenage spies!

Asking the big questions – Author of the Month Gemma Malley

Gemma’s powerful and gripping novels for young adults are often based on big ideas about science and moral duty.

Her new book, The Returners, is no exception. It’s an endlessly thought-provoking story set in an alternate future that questions the role of every individual in society.

Why not take a look at all the books from February’s Author of the Month and download some free Opening Extracts – we’re sure your teenagers will get hooked…

February – Debuts of the Month

The Badness of Ballydog

Garrett Carr

7+ Three teenagers in a grim coastal town have to try to save it from a vast ancient creature on the seabed…but is it worth saving?.

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More info

Princess for Hire

Lindsey Leavitt

9+ An hilarious story about a girl who gets the chance to be a substitute princess, and makes one royal fiasco

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More info

Superhumans: Meteorite Strike

A.G. Taylor

9 – 12 An action-packed SciFi adventure about two kids who survive an alien virus, only to be enrolled by a rogue international agency with ruthless goals…

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More info

My So-Called Afterlife

Tamsyn Murray

11+ A terrifically funny story about a deceased girl with a pretty lame afterlife who gets a chance to put grisly matters to rest and meet the ghost of her dreams!

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More info

Out of Shadows

Jason Wallace

14+ A memorable, moving and disturbing coming of age story set against the tumult of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. It’s incredibly powerful and definitely one for teenage readers.

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More info

Beautiful Creatures

Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

14+ An exquisitely crafted dark Gothic fantasy story with unforgettable characters – this book is a future classic.

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More info

Magic Under Glass

Jaclyn Dolamore

14+ A stunning blend of paranormal intrigue and doomed love that captures a perfect Gothic romance on every page.

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More info

Guest Editor of the Month – Robert Muchamore

Best known for his Cherub Series, Robert Muchamore is also the author behind the more recently penned and wildly popular Henderson’s Boys series, the latest of which – Secret Army –

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is out now. This month Robert has chosen a selection of books, exclusively for Lovereading4kids, by authors who have influenced and inspired him in his impressive career to date.

Have you or your children read the cult Classic Catcher in the Rye?

The recent death of the author J D Salinger has reignited interest in his book, which is considered by many to be one of the most important books of all time.

Long a staple of GCSEs perhaps it’s time to take this out of the classroom and either revisit or say hello to the teen anti hero Holden Caulfield. Read an Opening extract and find out more..

We hope there’s plenty here to help your children keep on enjoying books, and to challenge them to progress their reading skills. Have a great February!

Lovereading4kids January 2010 Mid Month update

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

After a slightly delayed start with the weather the pace of January has now picked up and we hope you are enjoying the newly designed Lovereading4kids newsletter is providing you with all the guidance you need when it comes to great books for kids. Read on to find out about the Blue Peter Book Award shortlist, Pre-Publication exclusives, the long-awaited paperback launch of Lemony Snicket and the new ‘Demi God’ on the block, Percy Jackson, whose film release is imminent!

Series of the Month – Percy Jackson

Imagine a world where the gods of Olympus are alive in the 21st century, and still fall in love with mortals and have children who might turn out to become great heroes like Theseus, Jason and Hercules. Percy is one of those kids, and his adventures have been transported to the silver screen in a film from the director of the Harry Potter movies. Due for release on 12 February, Percy Jackson will be the talk of the playground shortly so make sure your kids are on to it well ahead of the game.

Series of the Year – ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Lemony Snicket titles about the fated Baudelaire orphans were the 5th most popular books of the last decade and got more kids reading than Harry Potter. Now, at long last

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they are available to buy in great value paperback.

The stories are strange, even weird and so immersive and well-loved that we thought we’d make them our Series of the Year for 2010, which in turn might get a whole new generation of kids hooked! One to three are out now with the rest being published throughout 2010. Find out more…

This Month’s Highlights not to miss

Be first to the best new kids’ books – exclusive Pre-Publication

Out of Shadows – Jason Wallace

14+ A powerful book set in post-war 1980s Zimbabwe, where new foreign student Robert Jacklin learns that for some of his white classmates, the battles for leadership of ‘their’ country aren’t over at all…

Savannah Grey – Cliff McNish

11+ Savannah Grey is not having a great time, she’s only just settled in to her latest foster home when she discovers she has supernatural powers, and that the evil Ocrassa wants to use them to destroy the world!

11+ Superhumans: Meteorite Strike – A G Taylor

Robert and Sarah survive a terrible alien virus, only to find themselves captured by a rogue organisation that wants to experiment on them like lab rats because of the strange psychic powers they’ve suddenly started to develop.

New Year, new opportunities!


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been well documented that girls seem to perform better at school than boys; but more recent development theories suggest we ought to be challenging the myths about boys’ ‘underachievement’ and encouraging their talents. So, take a look at our Parenting category which has some great new books for you about keeping children stimulated while learning, and ensuring they don’t fall behind or get discouraged. As a parent, New Year is the perfect time to provide plenty of encouragement and support.

Classic stories that are as good today as ever

Our ‘Bookshelf Essentials‘ category features timelessly brilliant books that every child from every generation can gain from by reading. We’ve just refreshed the list with some tremendous classics including The Church Mouse, Greyfriars Bobby and in its 40th anniversary year, Rosie’s Walk. If your kids are stuck

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for what to read next, take a look at our impressive selection – broken down by age range – it could also be a wonderfully nostalgic experience for you.

And something we prepared earlier….

Blue Peter Book Award 2010 – young readers’ favourites

What makes the Blue Peter Book Awards special is that they’re decided by a panel of young readers and each category very much ‘does what it says on the tin’ with categories for ‘Most Fun with Pictures’, ‘Book you can’t put down’ and ‘Best Book with Facts’. So the books on the shortlist, all featured this month on Lovereading4kids, are pretty much guaranteed to thrill young readers. Have a look and download free extracts from the finest books and picture books of the last year. Find your favourites today…

Now the snow, for most, has pretty much gone we hope you can get back to all the important things you might have missed – but don’t forget to keep using Lovereading4kids for guidance to keep your children stocked with the best books for them. Privacy Policy Disclaimer