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Just So Festival Cheshire 15 – 17 August

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

The Just So Festival, 15 – 17 August 2014,  is an annual weekend-long camping festival at Rode Hall Estate in Cheshire, for children and their families. For further information and to book tickets visit

The festival provides a magical experience where art, music and literature are embedded and entwined in a beautiful and wondrous landscape. The Festival provides a broad range of musical, theatrical, and visual performances, workshops and installations within a safe, natural and magical setting. Every clearing and glade holds a new way to unleash creativity. Families discover and delight in the spectacular within the woodland environment during this weekend camping event.

Children will be entranced by storytellers; Adam Perrott, will talk about his new series The Odds which tells the story of a family of Meddlers (or Professional Pranksters) who delight in making mischief. Their job is to make life as miserable as possible for the people around them by playing pranks and tricks on them. Megan Peel introduces The Fabulous Phartlehorn…Bruno Pockley has a talent. A prodigious talent. But he’s only just discovering its worth… When Bruno is sniffed out by a specially trained Trumpenhund as having world-class phartling potential, it’s as if all his dreams have come true. Then he and his classmates are taken to the court of the Knights Trumplar in the Kingdom of Phartesia, where they’ll learn to play the ancient Phartlehorn for a performance of epic proportions. Starry-eyed, the children are determined to prove themselves to the magnificent Duke of Phartesia and his beguiling daughter. However, things are not always as they appear – and when Bruno and his friend Grace stumble upon the sickening truth about the Knights Trumplar, the wind is quite literally taken out of their sails. And Poet, comic, singer, ukulele-player and glasses-wearer, John Hegley has an entertaining poem for every letter of the alphabet. In his A to Z of people, pets and potatoes, meet the inquisitive Quibble, Guillemot the bird and the Christmas Caterpillar who surprises Santa.

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