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Lovereading4kids. Most popular books, by age range, 14 – 21 April 2014

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Books for Babies and Toddlers

Elmer Elmer
David Mckee
Elmer, everyone’s favourite patchwork elephant, is 25! Elmer the colourful patchwork elephant has been a nursery favourite since this first book was published in 1989. This is a special 25th Anniversary edition.Andersen Press invites YOU to join in with Elmer’s …
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Tilly and Friends: Who's Hiding? Tilly and Friends: Who’s Hiding?
Polly Dunbar
Tilly and her Friends have lots of fun playing hide-and-seek behind the sturdy flaps on every page.
The Tilly and Friends TV series, produced by Walker Productions and JAM Media and based on the picture books by Polly Dunbar, is currently airing …
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Say hello like this! Say hello like this!
Mary Murphy
Perfect for joining in, this is a delightfully noisy book celebrating all the different and special ways that animals say ‘Hello’. Dogs are loud, cats are proud and the donkey is just plain silly. A bouncy rhyming text captures the …
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Featured Books for 3+ readers

The Way to the Zoo The Way to the Zoo
John Burningham
April 2014 Book of the Month Award-winning John Burningham tells a touching story of a little girl and the special friends she makes in the night time. When Sylvie finds a door in her bedroom she discovers a secret passage …
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The Dark The Dark
Lemony Snicket
Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2014 – One of our Books of the Year 2013
Possibly destined to be THE TOP PICTURE BOOK of 2013. Bestselling Lemony Snicket gives an original, delightful and empowering take on the familiar theme of …
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Big, Bad Owl Big, Bad Owl
Steve Smallman
Big, Bad Owl is a fabulously funny, tongue-in-cheek picture book from bestselling author and master of comedy, Steve Smallman. Children will love the quirky illustrations of the various animals and birds who try to get owl out of a grump …
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Featured Books for 5+ readers

The Ice Bear The Ice Bear
Jackie Morris
Stunning illustrations capture the warm emotions of this magical story and juxtaposes them perfectly with the winter landscape of the white bears and the hunters who live in it. When Raven steals a white bear cub and delivers him to …
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Bug Detective Amazing facts, myths and quirks of nature Bug Detective Amazing facts, myths and quirks of nature
Maggie Li
April 2014 Book of the Month Search high and low to discover interesting facts, track down odd information and dispel myths about the insect world. This interactive illustrated approach to nature guides suitable for 5 years upwards is packed full of …
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Eddie's Kitchen And How to Make Good Things to Eat Eddie’s Kitchen And How to Make Good Things to Eat
Sarah Garland
A birthday party needs to be got ready in a hurry! Mum has forgotten that it is Grandad’s birthday but luckily Eddie is on hand to help. Eddie loves cooking and he knows exactly what Grandad likes best. Mum has …
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Featured Books for 7+ readers

The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon
David Almond
With his typical brilliance, award-winning David Almond weaves magic and reality together in this touching and inventive story about how Paul, a lonely boy living in a basement flat in a huge tower block, plans his great adventure. Paul believes …
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Life Stinks! Life Stinks!
Peter Bently
Packed with comical characters, battles, puns and poo, this hilarious new series from Peter Bently, a Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner, will be irresistible to boys and girls aged six to eight years. Knightmare, follows the misadventures of a trainee …
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Landing On My Feet The Adventures of Poohka the Cat Landing On My Feet The Adventures of Poohka the Cat
Adelaide Godwin
Written by debut author Adelaide Godwin, it’s an odyssey of a feline kind, packed full of feline bravery, endurance and epic adventure that will delight early readers everywhere but equally a tremendous story for parents to share with their kids. …
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Featured Books for 9+ readers

Brave Brave
Wendy Constance
April 2014 Debut of the Month – Winner of The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2013 Set some 17000 years ago where tribes fought tribes and rubbed shoulders with sabre-tooth cats and mammoths, there was danger at every turn, yet …
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Circus of Thieves and the Raffle of Doom Circus of Thieves and the Raffle of Doom
William Sutcliffe
A funny and fast-paced adventure with a brilliant cast of eccentric characters and a great setting in a circus. Adventurous Hannah lives in a very, very dull village with parents who think safety comes before excitement. When she meets Billy …
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Scarlet Ibis Scarlet Ibis
Gill Lewis
Award-winning children’s author and nature writer Gill Lewis is back with her eagerly anticipated fourth novel, Scarlet Ibis. Beautifully written, it is the moving story of a young girl – Scarlet – struggling to hold her family together against the …
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Featured Books for 11+ readers

Rooftoppers Rooftoppers
Katherine Rundell
Overall Winner and Winner of Fiction for 5-12’s category 2014 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize
Winner of the Blue Peter Book of the Year 2014 – Best Story
Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2014
Abandoned as a baby, Sophie’s determination to find …
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Line of Fire Diary of an Unknown Soldier August - September 1914 Line

of Fire Diary of an Unknown Soldier August – September 1914
Line of Fire is one of the most extraordinary – and beautiful – books about the First World War. This diary of an unknown French soldier tells of his experiences in the very early days of the fighting at the …
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Brilliant Brilliant
Roddy Doyle
A profound story about the effect of despair on society is touched with magic and humour by best-selling Roddy Doyle. When a black dog comes out of the clouds and settles itself in Dublin everyone’s family is affected in one …
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Featured Books for 14+ readers

We Were Liars We Were Liars
E. Lockhart
This is a truly special book that any teen, YA or adult reader will devour in a sitting. It will hook you in and the ending will surprise. We have all read good books but even with those there are …
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Cuckoo Song Cuckoo Song
Frances Hardinge
Frances Hardinge creates a brilliant sense of menace in this chillingly dark fairy story . Something sinister, beyond just getting wet, happens to Triss when she falls into the Grimmer. Something that causes her to change in all kinds of ways …
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The Year of the Rat The Year of the Rat
Clare Furniss
Heartbreak is made bearable by humour in this gripping and touching story of sixteen year old Pearl, struggling to keep going after the death of her mother. Pearl’s mum dies after giving birth to The Rat as Pearl designates her …
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April email newsletter update

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Happy April from Lovereading4kids! Did you know that it was whilst rowing on the Thames at Oxford in April 1862, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) began to tell the three Liddell sisters the story that would become Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Well the fantastic adventures continue on Lovereading4kids where we have a library full of amazing books to get lost in. Read on to find out what is new this month…

Blooming Brilliant Books of the Month

April’s bookshelf is a deluge of hand-picked sensational, scintillating stories (so no change there then) … and don’t miss the books that have been reviewed, and loved, by us and by our Kids Reader Review Panel.

For parents with younger children we highly recommend First Words and Pictures With Chimp and Zee by Catherine & Laurence Anholt, a colourful and energetic book to help encourage children to explore the world of language. And from a most talented children’s book artist, John Burningham, The Way to the Zoo, a delightful mixture of animals and mischief that will ignite the imagination of children.

And, if your 11+ readers are brave enough then the terrifying 5th instalment in Charlie Higson’s Zombie series is out. It’s called The Fallen. We have all 5, of course, on Lovereading4kids so new readers won’t miss out.


April Free Prize Draws

If you like free book goodies then look no further than our Free Prize draw category on Lovereading4kids. This month we have Goody Bags full of beautiful picture books, courtesy of Walker Books in celebration of their Picture Book Party and the lovely people at Andersen Press have given us loads of Elmer books and other goodies in a lovely tote bag to give away now he is 25 years young! We also have a full set of the Worst Witch Books (some of them even signed!) by Jill Murphy. Find out more by visiting the Free Prize Draw category.

No April Fools! – Debuts of the Month

A real feast of first-timers for older readers this month and look out for the Glasses Icon symbolising we have some brilliant kids reader reviews in addition to our expert review on the title.

Special mention needs to go

to Winner of The Times/Chicken House Prize, perfect for fans of Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother, Brave (9+) from Wendy Constance. And for all fans of The Wimpy Kid series who are now 12+ don’t miss the irreverent, brilliantly funny and cringe-worthy Private Blog of Joe Cowley by comedian Ben Davis.


More Books of Note for April

It goes without saying that all the books we’ve selected this month are very special but there are a few that are the talk of the Lovereading office, and we just have to share them with you twice over.

Parents and children shouldn’t miss A Railway ABC and A Story about Ducks both written and illustrated by Jack Townend. First published during World War Two and long out of print but have been brought back to life by V&A Publishing, an offshoot of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Gently humorous and whimsical text coupled with lithograph illustrations, these books will captivate the reader.

5+ Readers can get hooked on the first in a brilliant, all-action adventure pirate mystery The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon from the newly chosen Harry Potter illustrator, Jonny Duddle..

Or Zeraffa Giraffa from Dianne Hofmeyr. An amazing true story of the first giraffe to leave Africa and sent as a gift by the Ottoman Viceroy of Egypt to King Charles X of France in 1826.

7+ readers who love animals (and cats in particular) will revel in Landing On My Feet: The Adventures of Poohka the Cat from debut author Adelaide Godwin. Rather like The Incredible Journey It’s an odyssey of a feline kind, packed full of adventures that will really excite children.

Finally, 9+ readers should click over to Ironheart from Allan Boroughs. A fast-paced science fiction fantasy, set in a dystopian future – after a devastating flood. It is full of twists and turns and of the ‘in’ thing, steampunk.

The Bard’s 450th Anniversary

Still fresh, relevant and as popular as ever, 2014 sees a number of celebrations for the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth (23 April).

To give our support we have created a special category and we think the perfect book to help 7+ readers get closer to the Bard is Shakespeare: A Three Dimensional Expanding Pocket Guide.. Visit the category to find out more.


Get creative this Easter holidays

Our Arts and Artists category is full of books to help you appreciate art but more excitingly how to create it. But even more exciting is that it has had a 2014 revamp and now has lots of new titles especially ones in the How to Draw series where you can learn to draw everything from famous London landmarks to Steampunk characters! Click to get creative today.

And don’t forget our selection of things to do over the Easter holidays outdoors in our Out and About newly refreshed category.

Are you ready for the 3rd term?

‘a brilliant story of friendship and school life’ ‘I absolutely loved this book…I couldn’t put it down!’

Loved by our Kids Reader Reviewers the 3rd book (conveniently called Third Term at L’Etoile) in the glamorous series for 9+ girls set in stage school, from TV star Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly, is out now. Click to find out what all the fuss is about. Privacy Policy Disclaimer