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New Children’s Books for August

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

August is one of our favourite months. No school; hazy summer days; trees hanging with fruit. And the book-tree this month is positively bursting with ripe gems for kids of all ages. Did you know that Christopher Robin Milne (the inspiration behind his father AA Milne’s young friend to Winnie the Pooh and all the other animals of Hundred Acre Wood) was born in August?

It’s a great month then, to discover new titles and old favourites and where better to do so than Lovereading. We’ve highlighted some real gems below to suit a variety of ages but don’t forget our Summer Reading selection that is chock full of great reads for babies and toddlers right through to teenagers.

Author of the Month, Michael Grant

American born Michael Grant has taken the US by storm over the last year and now his UK fan base is growing fast too. All because of his addictive teen novel series ‘Gone’ – think Lord of the Flies combined with the hit TV show Heroes. So, with the second and third in the series, Hunger (in paperback) and Lies (in hardback), coming in September we thought it was the perfect opportunity to make him our Author of the Month.

So if you’re looking for an unputdownable read for a boy or a girl from 12 upwards then give them the first one – Gone – to read during August and they’ll then be ready for 2 and 3 in September.

Books of the Month for August

As we said above, our basket is crammed with fabulous titles this month for children of all ages to enjoy including books from Eoin Colfer, Alex Scarrow, Lauren St John, Nick Sharratt, Thomas Docherty and Mary Hoffman. It’s impossible to pick one out, but to whet your appetite; we have been very excited by Julia Donaldson’s Cave Baby – our MEGA book of the month! Julia (author of the much-loved The Gruffalo) has teamed up with award-winning illustrator, Emily Gravett, to create this fabulous tale, in which a hairy mammoth takes a cheeky little baby on a thrilling ride through a moonlit landscape populated by exotic animals. And, for slightly older readers a page-turning horsey tale from tiny publisher, Tortoise Books called Midnight on Lundy. Whether you’ve ever been to Lundy Island (it’s in the Bristol Channel) or not this novel for 7+ year olds is absolutely not to be missed. Finding nuggets such as this one away from the world of big publishing makes our job here at Lovereading all the more enjoyable.

“When I grow Up I want to be a Writer and an Artist” Our Illustrator of the Month – Rebecca Elliott

This quote from one of Rebecca’s school projects hinted at what was to come. Rebecca remembers endlessly boring her long-suffering family with ill-conceived stories she had written about rabbits wearing flat caps and aliens flying around in suitcases.

It has all paid off though, because that childhood dream is now a reality, with her first three picture books all published this summer; Cub’s First Winter, Milo’s Pet Egg and Just Because. Her work is a celebration of nature and she has drawn her inspiration from the beautiful Suffolk countryside, where she lives with her other great inspirations – husband Matthew and children, Clementine and Toby.

… and introducing! Our Debuts of the Month

Dark Life

Kat Falls

11+Two kids thrown together, in a World that has long been engulfed by rising oceans, to save a young brother and the whole underwater-dwelling community from evil criminals. A thrilling adventure!

Download Extract

Buy £5.24 Saving £1.75 (25%)

A Most Improper Magick

Stephanie Burgis

10+ A magical and dark tale of self discovery as one young witch sets out to save her family name. Her journey throws up much more than she bargained for in this page-turning adventure.

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Buy £5.24 Saving £1.75 (25%)

White Chin

Marilyn Edwards

9+ This is the story of a wandering cat, told by the cat himself. It tells of cruel abandonment and scary adventures and a new life with a loving little girl called Kirstie. But that’s when things start to go wrong.

Download Extract

Buy £5.24 Saving £1.75 (25%)

Martha, No!

Edward Hardy

3+ Martha causes chaos wherever she goes paying no attention at all to Nanny saying No! A witty contemporary cautionary tale with a satisfying resolution.

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Spy Thrillers, Aliens, Dark Worlds and History, his Novels Have it covered! Guest Editor – Graham Marks

Graham has written everything from comic strips and film tie-ins to many critically acclaimed novels for children and young adults. He is also involved in the Usborne Young Writers’ Award. His work comprises page-turning, fast-paced thrillers in magical worlds and futuristic settings, certain to fire the imagination of the young reader.

His most recent novel I Spy: The Constantinople Caper is a gripping adventure, combining the action-packed exploits of Alex Rider, with the historical adventures of Young Indiana Jones, in a classic story of one boy’s fight to find his father. An extract is available on the site and well worth a look! This Autumn he has two novels being released. The first is in September, Playing with Phyre and then the second in the I Spy series, Mean Streets.

Take a leisurely peek through his comprehensive and thrilling list of titles, as well as the wealth of authors and books that have inspired and influenced him throughout his life and career, which he kindly shares with us this month. Interestingly, one of his selections is a novel by John Buchan whose life and work, if you’re also a member of Lovereading, you’ll see we’re celebrating on the 70th anniversary of his death.

Back to School

While your children are enjoying their holidays, it’s a good idea to keep one eye on the future. Our Back to School category has been revamped with all the dictionaries, bilingual and reference titles you’ll need to give kids, of any age, a flying head start when the new academic year begins.

Great books made into brilliant films

This month sees the long-awaited film release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the first in the Jeff Kinney created series that has taken the US, and now the UK, by storm. The fantastic illustrations and hilarious story chart Greg’s life at a new school. Why not get your kids to read the book before seeing the film if only so they can knowledgeably tell their friends that “The book’s much better”! – You can even win a Wimpy Kid film goodie bag.

Conspiracy 365 – The Adventure continues…

For those of you not already familiar with the Conspiracy 365 series, it is a cracking new and explosive 12 book series to keep kids turning the pages throughout 2010. One book of this 12-part series is being published each month during the year, giving enough time to order a copy and race through it, heart-pounding, before waiting in suspense for the next episode. These fast-paced and heart-stopping short thrillers follow Cal, who is on the run after discovering that the people who killed his father are now after him as well. The monthly installments are an especially brilliant way to get your boys away from the games consol and buried in an un-put-downable read!

Great Books for Boys – we find them for you!

Talking of getting boys hooked on books, we have a great section on the site dedicated to helping you find titles to suit boys at every age-range. Simply go to the site and click on the appropriate age range for more information. An invaluable tool in the holiday season!

Kids Reluctant to Read? … Some Books to Get Them Started.

Similarly, there is a great section on the site offering suggestions for boys and girls who are reluctant to read. These titles – again listed by age group from 5+ to 14+ – are the ones we think are most likely to get young readers interested in, if not hooked on, reading and starting to enjoy and own their independent choices. Take a look and give it a try.

Get them Hooked! A Journey to Independent Reading for Early Readers…

In a stroke of brilliance, Usborne have released 15 new titles under the Very First Reading banner for children just starting on their reading journey. Each book in the series builds on the last, taking early readers on an adventure to independent reading. There are fantastically imaginative rhymes and pictures, and clever story formats so parents and kids can read together. Why not try them now so your child starts their first term at school in September ahead of the game?

Branford Boase Prize Winner – Lucy Christopher

Finally, we would like to send our congratulations to Lucy Christopher, winner of the much coveted and highly esteemed Branford Boase Children’s Debut Prize.

Her debut novel, Stolen (14+), is a love story like no other. Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and forced to live in the wild and desolate landscape of the Australian Outback. Her assailant, however, is motivated by obsessive love. Under the hot glare of the Australian sun, can he force Gemma to love him back, isolated as they are from the rest of the world? The book takes the format of a letter, written by Gemma to her captor reflecting on those strange and disturbing months in the wilderness. This is an extraordinary novel.

Well, that just about wraps up our August gift of information from the rich world of children’s literature. We hope we have inspired you to encourage your children to dive in and get reading and that you will continue to enjoy sharing that journey with them!

P.S – Don’t miss the chance of winning some brilliant book prizes by visiting out ‘Free Prize Draw’ section! Genre/pri where you can join in the Find Chaffy treasure hunt.

Read on to see our recommendations in your favourite age categories

From Children’s Picture book to the Silver Screen.

Friday, December 11th, 2009

With Where The Wild Things Are stomping into cinemas on Friday 11 December we take a look at characters that have chomped their way out of the pages of the most beloved children’s illustrated books and gone on to cause a wild rumpus on the big screen.


If there is one animal in the forest to be afraid of it is the Gruffalo! Following the journey of a mouse as he uses his cunning to fend off suspecting predators by inflating the myth of the gruesome Gruffalo. Little does the little creature know that the Gruffalo is no mere piece of fiction but a monstrous and grotesque creature, intent on devouring our tiny protagonist. Adapted for the stage in 2001, it is currently treading the boards of the Apollo Theatre, but that is not all! The Gruffalo will be stomping its way onto our small screens this Christmas with the voice talents of Robbie Coltrane as the Gruffalo; Helena Bonham Carter, Rob Brydon, James Corden, John Hurt and Tom Wilkinson

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Kids love a good rhyme and shout and there is no better way to combine the two than with ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. Following a family as they trek, splash, jump and shout their way on the search for a bear and leads to a dark cave on the other side of a dark forest. When reading it with kids the use of onomatopoeia (although they may not know it as such yet!) will really draw them in as they “squelch, squerch”, “swishy swashy” their way to the cave and culminating in thrilling chase that will get the whole family looking for a game of hide and seek!

Rupert Bear

The most colour coordinated and immaculately dressed bear you are ever likely to read, Rupert the Bear and his animal friends, Pong Ping the Pekinese and Bill Badger, have been followed in many a magical adventure over the last century. Created by Mary Tourtel in the 1920s and appearing in the Daily Express as a means of grabbing readership from the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, Rupert went on to be much, much more than a mere comic strip. Over the years Rupert has been reborn into annuals, books and several long running television series and recently making the jump from 2D hand drawn animation and joined the world of CGI!

Mr Benn

Created by David McKee, who was responsible for other childhood illustrated favourite Elmer the patchwork elephant, Mr Benn follows a character who, despite looking smart and ready for work always had time to visit his local fancy dress shop. Once there and donning his costume of choice he would be transported to a world of magical make believe. From clown to cowboy and pirate to wizard Mr Benn always managed to lend a helping hand and come away with a memento to remember his trippy visit. Despite only running thirteen animated episodes, Mr Benn was voted the sixth most popular childrens television series of all time!

Busytown series by Richard Scarry

In a fictional world that has enough mayhem to rival the busy pages of Where’s Wally, the illustrated books of Richard Scarry feature some of the most charming characters ever confined to the pages of a book. Featuring cats, dogs, mice, worms, foxes, sheep and pigs among many more, Scarry portrayed a transnational and happily multicultural world. The chaotic busytown features in several collections and was turned into a short running television series in the nineties that can still be found on select childrens television channels. A true illustrated book if ever there was one, with every new read you will discover something new and hidden in the background.

Winnie the Pooh

Everybody’s favourite honey eating bear has never experienced a dip in the limelight ever since he was first created by A.A. Milne way back in 1926. Bought by Disney in the sixties, Winnie the Pooh has had many an adcenture in the hundred acre wood with the long running television series and big screen outings with the likes of The Tigger Movie and Piglet’s big movie. Surrounded by his friends piglet, eeyore and the hyperactive tigger Pooh is never far from mischief… or a pot of honey.


An early morning television

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Elephant has never been far from the child inside of us. Triggered by the poaching his mother, in a scene that rivals the death of Bambi’s mother , Babar is sent to France where he is educated in the company of his wider family. Upon his return, and the death of the king of the elephants as a result of a poisonous mushroom (alas the animal kingdom is a tough place), Babar is made king. Oringinally written by Jean de Brunhoff, the tales follow Babar in his trials and tribulations as king.

Where The Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak’s original illustrated book caused child psychologists to huff and puff as its protagonist Max argued with his mother, ran away from home and joined a rag-tag group of monsters who made him king. Whilst only twelve pages long the book has touched the hearts of millions, now it is in the faithful hands of director Spike Jonze and novelist Dave Eggers as they endeavor to make the a great book into an even better film. By the looks of the trailer and clips from the film they may have done the unimaginable and turned in a faithful adaptation that promises to not only bring the creatures to life with the help of the Jim Henson company but perfectly transfer the cheeky character of Max from page to screen in the form of child star Max Records. A fantastic soundtrack and gorgeous visuals will mean that Where The Wild Things Are will be the adaptation to watch this Christmas

A Bear of Very Little Brain is back

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Return-to-the100acre_bigThe late pooh_15_email-greyA A Milne’s beloved Winnie the Pooh is making a comeback, with the first authorised sequel to the original 1920s books. Return to the Hundred Acre Wood is true to its roots and Pooh fans will be enthralled. We have an exclusive Opening Extract, of the book that’s just published 5 Oct, to whet your appetite along with various other Pooh titles we’ve brought together. Tiddely-pom!

Children’s October Books

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Hello again! Our Indian Summer might be drawing to an end but we’ve got a phenomenal range of books that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Also, looking at our Literary calendar this October has some impressive bookish credentials. The classic whale tale Moby Dick was first published in October 1851 and it’s still delighting readers. Also the children’s author Philip Pullman was born in Norwich 19 Oct 1946.

Our book selections below are also sure to get your kids flipping pages, so download some free Opening Extracts and see which get your kids rearing to read.

Author of the Month – literary princess Meg Cabot

As well as being a wonderful writer, Meg Cabot is wonderfully prolific – the 10th and final title in her Princess Diaries series, Ten out of Ten, is out now. This series has helped millions of girls catch the reading bug over the last few years, so if you’ve got a girl of 10+ who is a bit reluctant to read for fun then why not introduce this series to her now. Meg has also written several other books for teenagers and novels for grown ups.

Illustrator of the Month – amateur cross-country skier Jessica Meserve

Jessica grew up in America and now lives in Canada, walking her dog and trying out new winter sports. Her latest beautifully illustrated children’s book is Bedtime Without Arthur – Bella’s favourite teddy has gone missing, but the search is on to get him back! We’ve also collected together a few of her wonderful earlier titles too, so you don’t miss out.

A Bear of Very Little Brain is back

pooh_piglet_greyThe late AA Milne’s beloved Winnie the Pooh is making a comeback, with the first authorised sequel to the original 1920s books. Return to the Hundred Acre Wood is true to its roots and Pooh fans will be enthralled. We have an exclusive Opening Extract to whet your appetite along with various other Pooh titles we’ve brought together. Tiddely-pom!

Books of the Month bonanza – imaginative, irresistible titles for kids of every age

For 3 + readers
For 3 + readers
For 5 + readers

For 5 + readers
For 7 + readers
For 9 + readers
For 9 + readers
For 11 + readers
For 11 + readers
For 14 + readers

GONE – the ‘must read’ teenage book – free online

Our biggest book of the year so far has been teenage novel GONE, a debut novel that took the world by storm. Just imagine Lord of the flies meets ‘Heroes’. Well now it’s available in paperback. It’s also available FREE, for a limited time, to read online – click here to find out more.

A plethora of prize winning stories

The winners of the Book Trust Early Years Awards for babies, toddlers and pre-school readers were announced last week and having read all the titles shortlisted for the award, we can safely say all of them are highly original and have that hard-to-define magic that leads kids in to reading. What do you think? And if you were judging, would you have selected the same winners as the judges?

The Young Minds Award was established by the

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country’s leading children’s mental health charity, to celebrate books that help young people cope with the challenges of growing up. The six shortlisted titles are all featured on Lovereading4kids and we rate each of them very highly, with Malorie Blackman’s The Stuff of Nightmares being a favourite in the Lovereading office. But will the judges on 17 November think the same?

Another very important prize shortlist that has just been announced is the Roald Dahl Funniest Book Award, launched last year. One of this year’s judges, who in fact won the award himself last year, is Andy Stanton. He says he ‘laughed out loud at all of the books on the lists’. The winners will be announced in November.

Win some book treasure – our competitions and prizes

There’s loads going on at Lovereading4kids – and you could be the proud winner of some highly desirable book-related prizes if you enter our competitions. Right now we’re giving away New Moon, Fantastic Mr Fox, Princess Diaries and Winnie the Pooh goodies! There’s even a chance for one lucky person to have a Dinosaur Cove title dedicated to them, but you’ve got to be quick!

Calling all budding poets – your prose could win you £250

To link with the theme of National Poetry Day on 8 October, the Children’s Poetry Bookshelf is asking children aged 7-11 to write a poem about ‘Heroes and Heroines’. The closing date is 19th October. More details can be found in our Poetry section on the site.

Why should kids have all the fun? Visit

If you haven’t already, visit our sister site for grown-up book lovers. With over 1.2 million books in stock and dozens of recommended reads every month helpfully arranged into categories, adults can treat themselves to a good book on Just like Lovereading4kids you can download free Opening Extracts and discover more about the books our experts recommend before you buy.

We hope you have fun with this month’s bumper book selections. From teenage princesses to lovable bears and dragons and knights, there really is a whole host of wild adventures on Lovereading4kids to help your kids get hooked on books. Enjoy! Privacy Policy Disclaimer